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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Big Dave   29th February 08
Minx is the best place in Sunderland by miles, nice to go for a relaxing drink towards the end of the night. As to the incident that people have commented on the Doorstaff inside Minx are not noticable as they do not wear the black 'uniform' The normal doormen in Minx are some of the best working in North East.

Rachel   26th February 08
Stuart and all others wanting to contact me about work, please do so via www.eyecandyentertainment.co.uk or 07704999728 as i am no longer dealing with Minx. Thank you

Scott   23rd February 08
was in again last nite. what a place. really good night yet again. wicked atmosphere. definatley reccommend it. !

minxxx management   22nd February 08
as for the above comments relating to the incident dated friday 15th feb this has been blown out of proportion. the incident was delt with within seconds by doorstafft on as it would of been in any venue . i have a sneaking suspicion this is a malicious attempt to slander the club by a former employer of the club who left the club on bad terms . we know who this is and will be delt with accordingly

Scott   21st February 08
Was in there a couple of weeks ago. group of 3 of us. Was in from 9.15 till it shut. best strip bar ive ever been in. Girls are amazing. I did spend just over 600 that nite but it was well worth it. going again fri 22nd feb. (tomorrow). anyone know the name of the brazilian girl that works there. she was amazing. !

Gary   20th February 08
Yeah i seen the attack aswell, dodgy place like. What happend, what was it all over? pretty shocking no doorman were there like

tosh   19th February 08
brilliant came all the way down from glasgow and the club was wicked.

Jez   18th February 08
me and my mates were in there on friday night. we would never ever go back, one poor dancer got punched square in the face and NOT one doorman was in the club at all. discusting! we left straight after, not a safe place for us men or them dancers! im sure its against the law no have no doorman inside a nightclub that size. music was good

rachel   14th February 08
i cannot get in tonch with mckenzie left a few messages will you ring her for me and ask her to ring me please

louise   8th February 08
hi what do you wear if you are promo staff?? x

Rachel   5th February 08
Stuart, i gave you the number for the promo girl, call her! Yeah my website should be up within 4weeks.

Rachel   31st January 08
Guys and girls have you got a my space? If so add minx even if you havent come and take a look http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=307733672

cristal   30th January 08
rachel i text you and you never got back to me can you get in touch and let me know what is happening please

Rachel   29th January 08
Minx is open tonight Tues the 29th Jan for the sunderland home game...Claire, inge, alexis and rebbecca are all working tonight..

Rachel   26th January 08
Any girls and guys who want to work for us please contact me, there will also be a photo shoot soon for the dancers , strippers, models and promo staff (pictures will go on website) .... Also any girls who want to dance an minx please contact me asap 07704999728... thanks Rachel
Editors note: Rachel, we will happily post your web address once the site is live. No point asking people to click a link which just goes to a blank holding page.

Rachel   25th January 08
Hi girls guys Im also looking for promo staff, poledancers, lapdancers, glamour models and male/female strippers to come and work for eyecandy entertainment. The website is not up and running yet but it should be in the next for weeks... Rachel, 07704999728

Rachel   23rd January 08
Add minx my space http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=307733672 Thanks Rachel ...

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