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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Rachel   23rd January 08
Hi Lee you have to be over 18 ... Minx is open Thurs Fri and Sat night 9 til 3 ... 3 entry before 11 and 5 after...

Rachel   22nd January 08
Claire and Alexis are both working this Thurs Fri and Sat at minx its only 15 toppless and 20 nude. 3 entry to get in the club before 11 5 after... Club opens at 9 till 3, great music and great girls... See you all there .

Rachel   21st January 08
Hi whiplash666 and stuart, no dolce no longer works at minx but if you would like a job feel free to contact me via text or call anytime on 07704999728... And manx's post is correct contact Rachel if you would like to dance at minx... Caz give me a text or ring if you would like to dance at minx. thanks

lee   21st January 08
how old do you have to be to enter the bar? is it over 21s or over 18s?

Caz   17th January 08
I would love work with you all. I have never lap danced before but im so interested in giving it a go, Been thinking about it for ages why not give it a try thats what i say. Im way bored with my job now need some excitement ha.Try get back to me Ta Caz x

whiplash666   16th January 08
Hi Dolce - just want to know on average what are the lasses coming out with each night, working at a club at the minute but its quiet after the Christmas period so I'm coming out with about 140 after charges so want to know if it would be worth my while coming to Sunderland. Thanks v much hon x

stuart   15th January 08
thanks rachel how kind of you i might have a surprise for clare when i am next in . has dolice left

minxxx   15th January 08
dont take any notice of manx cos he/she dus not work in the club but all woman are welcome in at any time we are open x

Rachel   14th January 08
Hi stuart, Claire has got you some VIP passes for you ask her for them next time your in !

Mark J ( klubbeout dj @ union)   14th January 08
ooo havent been in here yet. What times it open 7 how much in??, could always get a quick pint(or dance lol) before Union starts. Actualy, i know a coach of decent lads are comming down on the 26th. Someone throw up prices because i bet a few of them wouldnt mind a pint also ; - D Cheers

stuart   13th January 08
hi rachel enjoy myself last night loved the dancers off clare and the tall blond.

Julio   12th January 08
was in saturday night, was a great bar, not too expensive and the girls were all great, though ayesha was especially good.

Rachel   12th January 08
Minx is open from 3pm on the 13th jan for the match. We have some of the best dancers in the north east eg: claire and rebbecca Ask for these girls when inside the club and they will be more then happy to dance for you :)

Rachel   11th January 08
James the dress code is smart...Hope to see you all next thursday... if its a stag do or birthday, you can have a stag on stage. the girls will get the "stag" or "birthday boy" on stage and do a sexy toppless lapdance for him and for all you to see at the end you will get a photo ;) all in the name of fun ...

Rachel   11th January 08
Hi Mel our dancers are very safe, there are doorman stood outside the dance rooms all you would need to do is shout and a doorman would be right there. This has never happen tho. Yes we have new dancers at minx, claire (yep the blonde babe) and rebbecca another blonde hottie... So guys get yourself down to minx for a fun night out! If any girls would like to come and dance at minx please contact me asap on 07704999728 yo can call/text this number anytime... see you all soon

manxxx   11th January 08
Hi all you girls out there interested in working at Minx. The best way to get a job is to come in on a thursday night at about 9 pm and ask for Rachel or Lee. Dont worry they dont bite. even if you have never done dance before we will train you. We do lessons every Wednesday. Believe me its a fun and friendly place to come and work. Students are more than welcome to come along to. Why not give it a try. Its better than working behind some bar.

hi dolce   11th January 08
hello dolce love the new dancers you have got in there are well fit i will be back in soon cannot wait to get a dance off clare (blonde babe)

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