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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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mel   10th January 08
how safe are your dancers from the punters, like the distance they are from each other during private dances and if anything were to happen, how would the doorman know if you are in a private booth?

James   10th January 08
What is the dress code for gentlemen? They'll be a paryt of about 8 lads coming next thursday night

Rachel   9th January 08
DJ Liam gray ... the club has a DJ but i will pass on your number to Lee... And to all you students out there its 3 to get into minx b4 11 and 5 after. drinks are av price! we have girls on stage pole dancing all night... we are also open early on match days from 5pm... any other Q's feel free to call me

Rachel   9th January 08
Hi Gemma a size 12 is fine contact me Rachel on 07704999728

Hamish   8th January 08
How much is entry into the club and what are the drinks prices like, us students have to scrape the barrel on a night out lol!

gemma   8th January 08
i am a twenty one year old size twelve average looking girl what would be the chance of workin here if any really need the cash

DJ Liam Gray   8th January 08
hi max or lee am after a DJ job in town got over 2.2 million songs on system willing to do a free slot one night , if you want me ring 07958481328 thanks

Rachel   7th January 08
Hi cristal ... im looking for girls to work this weekend thur fri and sat... please call me asap on 07704999728 ... Rachel

cristal   7th January 08
i would like to apply for the job so how can i get in touch and what does the interview involve x

Rachel   6th January 08
Hi cristal No you dont have to go naked some girls only dance toppless. Sam i dont think you would make much money not taking anything off. You dance in a booth were only the punter can see you. And the wage is up to you. two girls last weekend made over a grand affter commision which is 30 floor fee and 25% after that if the bar has sold over 1500 in dance dollers. Another girl made 260 last night. its all cash in hand, so its up to you to deal with your own tax ;)

sam   4th January 08
can i just do dances in my bra and knickers without taking anything off?

cristal   4th January 08
do you have to go totally naked ? when you do a private dance do you go in to a room or is it in front of the whole pub and also what is the wage x

Rachel   2nd January 08
im looking for girls to work at minx earn 100's of pounds per night all cash, please call Rachel 07704999728 or Lee on 07832108179. thank you

pie   30th December 07
was in last night for the first time brilliant night will defo be going back very friendly happy atmosphere thanks girls also asked the doorman if it was open on new years eve he said no hope it is though.

New Years Eve??   27th December 07
So is minx open on new years eve?

maxxx   27th December 07
Hi all you regulars. Minx has new girls starting this Friday Night. If there are any would be dancers out there call in this week end and speak to Alexis on the door from 9 pm. or any Friday or Saturday when you are in the City. If you would rather use your mobile for first contact just call Lee on 07832108179. Minx is a fun place to work. Its not like going to work it's more like going out to a party every weekend and dont worry if you have no experiance, our friendly staff will take care of you. Go on Girles. What is there to lose. Give it a try.

maxxx   27th December 07
Sorry mate. try friday or saturday night. bit late but you will still have lots of fun

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