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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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Re: maxxx   27th December 07
Ahhhh no, its my bday today :( there was ment to be about 30 of us coming to Minx tonight, damm, cant beleive you guys are closed :(

TAFF   26th December 07
The girls in Minx are class but some of the originals who opened the place were really classy too. Why dont Minx get them back

maxxx   26th December 07
Minx is not open on 27th December. We have to give our hard working staff a break. We are open 28th - 29th

maxxx   26th December 07
Hi Ashleigh. The best way to get a job in Minx is to come in any Thursday Friday or Saturday night at 9 pm and ask for Lee. Dont worry you will find that we are a very friendly place and we really look after our dancers.

are you open on... ?   20th December 07
can i ask if you guys are open on thursday 27th of december please ? cheers, Steve.

simonez rincon   19th December 07
any idea if minx will be open on new years eve this year?

stu   10th December 07
had a mint lapdance off the lovely ruby the other night..well worth it..be going again soon! *(cheers babe!)

Ashleigh   9th December 07
Hey im 19 living in Sunderland as a student and i am very interested at working at Minx to make some extra money how woud i go about doing that is there a number i can ring?

Jimmy K   1st December 07
These people who make such disparaging comments are clearly to narrow minded to understand that to the girls who work there it is just a job and to the guys who go in it's just a bit of harmless fun. x

Vicky   29th November 07
Girls do not realise tht this is the safest place for ya man to b in because we do not use our own names, you can not get our phone number, we can not kiss or do owt else. But, if ya man was in the town, he could do anything with any1. This is our job, just as you could wrk in a dpt store. Half of us are married or have bf's and children... We are not out to get ya bf's, we are here to pay our bills.

Jade   29th November 07
In reply to Alan and ''The Girls'', Thank you so much for ya comments... Its bout time sum1 seen our point of view. Just because sum1 does not have the confidence or is ugly, lol, does not mean tht it is wrong to do our job! Next time you come in2 the club, pls ask for Dolce, for a complimentary drink, for standing by our girls! x

Elle   28th November 07
what kind of things do you have to wear on stage? are there outfits that can hide youre wobbly bits hahaha.....

dolce   26th November 07
yes you can do topless only at minx there are plenty girls who choose topless only come on girls its christmas its time to make some money.

Girls...   26th November 07
Lasses..just carry on with your work and ignore these pathetic people who have problems with these clubs...but to be honest isnt it always ugly women who protest against these kind of things...lol! you neve c a stunning blonde with big boobs on the news burning her bra now do u? ;-)

Marc   24th November 07
Dolci i just want to thank you for the other night when i was in the club. you are the most fantastic person that i've met, you've got an amazing personality and you're absolutely stunning. i cant get over you! I hope you didn't mind me asking for your phone number, i'm gutted that you didn't give it to me. I know you said you didn't have a boyfriend but that you do have someone special in your life. Thank you so much for a fabulous night! x

Jade   24th November 07
Well... Thts correct, but tht jst goes to show wat kinda man you have then, knowing you have a man who knows he has a wife and children but is still willin! So then, who is the real mug? Cos i dnt have a husband or children, lol!

alan   24th November 07
In reply to Betty... I get so pi**ed off with pathetic, narrow minded comments like that..how are these girls in the wrong if these men have wives and kids at home? surely its the blokes fault for stepping in2 these clubs anyway... if you dnt agree with these clubs dont go in and dont come back on this forum...GET A LIFE!

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