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Above Bud Bigallows

Photo of PlayersFormerly known as Passenger and Minxxx, this venue is Sunderland's only lap dancing club. A bar for the lads, situated above Bud Bigallows, Pool, Darts, TV and Girls!
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maxxx   23rd November 07
QUESTIONS ABOUT JOBS. Call in any Thursday or Friday night at 9pm and ask for Lee or Dolce. Thay will give you all the info you require. There is a great bunch of friendly guys and girls work in Minx and you would be welcome to join in with the team. Dont hang about, get in and have a real fun job

betty   22nd November 07
Well Jade if you have already touched then it just shows what type of girls you are when you know they have wives and children at home !

Tom   19th November 07
how many girls work there? when i was in last week there wasnt that many working...

Cristal xxx   19th November 07
if you get a job at minx can you just do topless dances or does it have to be fully nude x

stuart   17th November 07
hello dolce had good night last night you looked stunning as always see you next week x

dolce   16th November 07
to all those girls out there that would like a job you have to be 18 but they dont require ID yet you dont need any experience and you could be a size 12 but as long as your firm and sexy. this is a very confidence building job so dont be shy.Everyone thinks lapdancers are tall blond and implants but there is always someone for somebody. but we are all shapes and sizes give me a ring on 07795274847

Nikki   6th November 07
Hey, is the age minimun to work there 18? I'm 17 and I would love to work in Minx, just checking its 18 and not 21 lol. I have pole-danced before and I'm a bellydancer, just incase that is relevant :-D x

Jimmy K   1st November 07
Was in on saturday before the match and was very impressed especially by the lovely Scarlett i used to be a for your eyes only regular but my elligence could be switching.

Elle   29th October 07
How do you get an audition? And also what are the size requirements? im a size 12 with 36dd boobs, im no stick thin model haha

Dickling   28th October 07
I had a great night in here, really good atmosphere & classy Bar and the owner is soooo good looking!

Jade   28th October 07
In reply to Ben's comment below... Dont no where you got the idea tht us girls offer extras. We are a classy establishment and certainly not desperate enough to push our breasts in sum losers mouth. Also in reply to Sio too... Experience is not always necessary. Call in sumtime and spk to Dolce, our house mother. She will gladly spk to ya and give you an audition. Hope to see ya soon :)

hi babes   27th October 07
hello dolce had a good night last night love the new lass from leeds see you soon .

Ryan Whitehead   26th October 07
Is this next to the TRAVEL INN, because me and my mates coming up from MANCHESTER on the 2nd November. Just tryin to see where all the bars are near it man!
Editors reply: Yes its right next door. Have a great time in Sunderland and remember to post your comments here when you get back to Manchester, cheers.

Heavenly Saint   26th October 07
Hi all lads and lasses, check out heavenly liasons dot com for latest north east entertainment. We are currently recruiting!

sio   24th October 07
Im interesting in working in Minx But i have no experience of workin in a lap dancing club. Do you need experience?n have you got a fone number i can fone to find out more abt the job x

ben   24th October 07
yeah chris i heard this place done extra's too... i got one lapdance and she pushed her t*ts right in my mouth, ill not even tell you what eles happened. hahaha defo go again

chris   24th October 07
Quality nite's Friday & Saturday......two sisters work there one with blonde hair the other dark, more than just a lap dance (dirty) hahahaha.....get there boys.

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