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Crowtree Road.

Photo of PorterfieldPreviously Olivers, light and spacious bar with a warm feel, the bar is named after Ian Porterfield, who played and won the F.A cup with Sunderland.
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AA?   24th August 09
Has this place turned into alcoholicsville? Whenever i walk past there always seems to be a handfull of people sitting outside drunk off there trolleys, shouting the odds. Its really off putting to walk past never mind go in. Its a shame, this bar used to be quite a decent place and the cocktails were fab.It was never my favourite bar but on i night out we'd always pop in for a drink or two.

Bonpurple   27th July 09
Went to this place on Saturday and reported that two young girls had went into the mens toilet with an older man. The bar manager did his duty and ran upstairs and found them "at it" he then reported this to his manager who I suppose was the owner? (cockney) the reply was "oh I know". Even if the girls were out for a bit of money it does not mean his customers can take part in sex in the toilets.

Kingy   11th July 09
Like the place particuarly for food. I'm sure they used to have cask Double Maxim on there.I recall having a top pint of the stuff in the place. Don't know why it was taken off.

Frankie   10th July 09
Top pub, great old SAFC/Vaux memorablia on the wall. Agree it would be nice if they had the cask on. I remember having a cracking pint of Samson in there about a year ago.

Stevie   7th July 09
I had a nice meal in there yesterday after being persuaded by a sexy young girl outside the Bridges to venture into the place !

Daggy   6th July 09
Had my lunch in there last week top scran. A cask Double Maxim would have gone down well with it.

Davey Foz   6th July 09
Used to like the place. In last week and the bottle of Double Maxim went up from 2 to 2.40 ! Why don't you get cask Double Maxim in it tends to be cheaper !

candyhouse   12th May 09
thanks all for coming down of recent, and supportin us here @ the bar. nice to start to see some regular faces. check us out on candyhouse@facebook.com were we have track listings and samples to tracks you will be hearin in the future....peace. see you all @the week end x

sunderland dj   23rd April 09
also to candyhouse if your on myspace you can find me there myspace.com/djhutchy be nice to have another friend within sunderland promoting good music!

sunderland dj   23rd April 09
yes i most certainly will do that! and to "dj within town" yes i agree with what you say on the commercial remixes because people recognise the tune behind the music but also like you say people have lost the love for house music which is a shame to say the least but hey ya never know people might come around to the fact that house music is great! i mean its where electro and funky house originates from at the end of the day! i jus wish the best for what these guys are doing! and where i dj is rather close to porterfield so i wil defo be showing my face to give the support!

Candyhouse   22nd April 09
Re: sunderland dj.. Thanks for the kind words its appreciated. So a old school fantic also good gud, then grace us with youre pressence on a saturday, introduce urself and i'll arrange it so you could have a free mix. Sorry no can Pay but happly get a pint in. Plus on look out for good djs with passion for good real vibrent music. Take and thanks for the comments C.D.House

Dj within the town   21st April 09
Yea i love house music and i love electro, but the simple fact is, house will not work in sunderland in a bar or nightclub comapared to other genres of music for the simple fact that it has died. yea sum people might like it the the majority per other things, that i why i beleive atm electo is gonna be the next big thing like funky house was two years ago, because there is so much you can do with it and you find the likes of the glass spider DJ on a fri and sat playing that sort of music just like few other DJ's playing electo remixes of big commercial tunes and they are going down like a storm. house would never have the same effect now

sunderland dj   21st April 09
re: candyhouse, yes i totally agree bein a dj in town myself people have lost the passion for good house music! bein an old skool fanatic myself i really hate the fact that nowhere in town has a different music policy other than cheesy pop and "electro" (and i think also some dj's dont understand what "electro" is either) so there ya have it theres my point across! I really hope this works and people appreciate it a lil more! good luck!

CandyHouse   2nd April 09
Saturday nights Porterfields, JayDavis and the CandyHouse Boys host another night of delightful, delisiouse and ultra sexy house music. Music from such lables as Hedkandi (anyone listing to Hedkandi's new album Nu-Disco well you can get to listen to it all here live and direct form the CandyHouse boys and what a album it is,and will give youu some direction in were our music is at here on saturday nights) Also playing sounds from Defected in Da house,Fierce Angle and the massive ever popular Retro... This is a night of pure indulgence in true feel good house music. So please all neo fans,lady sick of hearin ga ga,cheese chart and same cod *hit music lovers and electro fans, this is not for you! But its not saying you are not welcome as this is also a night of education in were the heart and soul of house music can be found. And often has been the case with certain individuals who have came,listend,commented(or should i say moaned) have left and to our surprise have come back. Weather its the music or the lush surrondings greatservice,one thing is for sure,You are coming back! So please dont be shy give us a try and you might find a little bit good house music actually lives in you......x Sunday easter weekend Candyhouse will be taken you back in time with a night of pure Retro spinning some of the best all time greats and classics that have rocked the world over....... see you on the dance floor love CHx

mary poppins   1st April 09
a spoon full of sugar may help the medican go down but hats off to porterfields, as spoon full of good house music is just what is needed to start my night off. Top bar,great beer,awesome music and good all round feel good vibe..will be back.

JayDavis   23rd March 09
Thanks to all who turned out on saturday, your support is well recived,for the momment i have to go with the flow music wise,my eventual goal here is to go back to proper house music roots,playing some classics,followed with some recent upto date stuff(house music wise) this does not mean upto date repeats of other bars.(no offence)... Anyway onse agian i thank you for the support,and would also like to give a quick mention to the managment,bar staff and the door lads who all help in doing a great job in keeping all you sexy lot who frequent this bar happy and entertained....much love and see you all next saturday.x

jack   23rd March 09
gud night in here on sat nice to hera some good house music, shame it got to be over powerd by la di da stuff of repeats similer to other places, over all though good to see this bar trying more, as saturdays in here are getting better,well done maagment,lovin the nice ladys that get in here also.

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