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Crowtree Road.

Photo of PorterfieldPreviously Olivers, light and spacious bar with a warm feel, the bar is named after Ian Porterfield, who played and won the F.A cup with Sunderland.
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jane   18th March 09
music seems to be getting better in here on sat. was in sat just gone, shame not busy, thinks you need to promot it more.

Joey Jarvis   9th January 09
Cold Double Maxim @ 2 a bottle and some classic old photos of Sunderland itself and SAFC.

Human Jukebox   20th December 08
70s has left the building, im still here and now play everything, its been like this for a few months now, pop in and give it another chance, i hope its what you expect.

wenesgoer   3rd December 08
went last wednesday, going tonight carnt wait soo excited was a great atmosphere last week

Human jukebox   12th November 08
Wednesday 5 in free drinks all night

happy!   31st October 08
loved the music last week was great to have a fun night out after the footy, got abit busy when i was in and got a little tight in certain places but i had a good night, had to leave in the end as i was in all night lol. thanks guys

going solo   6th October 08
WOW what a place... happy hour..c'mon! bit of a journey to the toilets but its a funky place, danced the whole night lol

felix   1st October 08
Great place this. The music is soooo varied it's unreal. Drinks are more wide ranging too. Well done Porterfields

davey   29th September 08
was in here for the first time on saturday during the day and enjoyed it, very reasonable prices. it would be the ideal place for a pre match bevvy! not sure what its like on nights mind

joanne   28th September 08
I really love this pub the staff are really friendly but every friday night I have been in around 11 it has been totally dead

Tinky Winky   28th September 08
last night was the best night iv had in a long long time, got a little too hot but all right a great time had by all.

lee   20th September 08
love this place food is great too 1 million times better than olivers

juno (yes i have a pig nose)   14th September 08
was in last nite,13/09/08 after saying i wasnt going back im backtracking, and i am going back, last night was tops! totty was amazing and music was just as good a step up from the 70 80s bull*hit...service at the bar was fast alot of bar staff, drink as about the same price as anywhere else, all round a good night.

Ryan GIles   5th July 08
The music policy had been changed for a very good reason, we were not earning any money, its been getting busier every single week and shows no signs of stopping. The music is friendly and creates a good atmosphere not like the teeny bopper dance in other places. Its not everyones cuppa and the only complaints are from people who we are not aiming to get in! Ive worked many venues so ive seen what works and what doesnt, everything just takes time. Staff are still great and great drinks!

paul   25th June 08
i called in to this place on saturday night and i cudnt believ what music was actually being played i thought i was pissed and was in flares ( r.i.p flares ) music just isnt right for a weekend thats why flares closed down for god sake every one wants a good mixture of all types of music not just a certain type get it together olivers i mean porterfields this town is not for just the over 40s who dont drink in town anymore its for the younger generation please re think your music policy even jaydees playes allsorts not that the place is any thing to go by lol just an observation of a bar that could be making a unwise choice based on wrong music

Cookie   25th June 08
Have not been impressed with the music the last few times we have ventured in as it seems to have gone down hill with all the 70's stuff, we have left early the last two times aswell and wont be going back to make it three. Its just not our type of music, my mam would love it though.

sam and john   23rd June 08
what has happened to this place? went in this sat night to find a wedding disco. where has the dj gone? who wants to listen to party music from 1970 on a saturday night. that was 38 years ago and people who were out were 17 or 18 at the time so if you are 55 years old you will love it and they may mention when you reach 50.stuck in a time warp?

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