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Crowtree Road.

Photo of PorterfieldPreviously Olivers, light and spacious bar with a warm feel, the bar is named after Ian Porterfield, who played and won the F.A cup with Sunderland.
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Unbelievable !!!   21st June 08
Went in last night and was gutted - Normal DJ gone and been replaced by 70/80's theme DJ. Didnt even bother to stay and finish our drinks. The music was always great in here - old school dance classics now its golden oldies. Defo wont be going back in - please let me know where DJ has gone and we will go there instead. Pathetic know wonder that side of the town is dead. Its a shame coz it was worth a visit for the music alone - 70's music - get over it !

customer..   12th May 08
sat 10th may.. what a nite great music old school dance classics went down a storm. well done to the cover dj how ever that was. went in for one with the wife and was made to stay due to the music... great remix of ride like the wind.

kay n ruby   28th April 08
this is a mint club, the drinks are reasonable music is mint and the doormen are propa mint Chris ruby sed do you still fancy her? Aaron is a propa stunner and tell plug socket he betta b happy this wkend

Louise   28th April 08
Porterfield is 1 of my favourite pubs in the town, the DJ is brilliant and always plays requests, the toilets are clean, the bar staff are friendly and there is decent seating! What more could you ask 4? Yeh its quiet early on in the night but it never seems to bother me or the company I am in! The food is excellent aswell, very reasonably priced!

kim   26th March 08
i think its a shame that all this time and money has been put into porterfields! please prey tell why you bought it on this side of town, have you not notice this side of town is on its death bed?? i still drink in brogans now and again and that aint 15% busy as what it yous't to be! ya really dont stand a chance unless the tables turn and people come back to this side! also what is wrong with the name porterfields?? david brogan doesnt hasnt owned brogans in a long time and sadly died a while ago and no1 has said anything bout them changing there names! i hope you's do well but its gonna be a very long hard struggle!

To:take my advice   19th February 08
chances are whoever you are talking about is seeing more than just one person. must say, what is it with doormen and slappers??? why cant people like them for who they are and not what they do? does nowt for your rep. you might think it's makes you hard but it really doesnt. just a tad pathetic. even the 'nice ones' shag around and i could name a few.

take my advice   18th February 08
one of the barmaids needs to learn that the doorman in the town who she's constantly making a b-line for aint interested. he only is interested in women,not girls who constantly date doormen! do you not think the reason y he dont text you is he's already seeing somone>?? god,, girl take a hint,

von   18th February 08
god luke, its just a name! no one is casing in, anyhow, its a honour to have something named after you.

mr id   23rd January 08
i think the name is ok if the family of the late ian porterfield had somethiing to say about the name of the pub they would have said something buy now, dont you think so its ok pub ok during the daytime cheap drink and food but night time no go to pricey come on management get yer fingers out get yer thinking caps on.

Angel   10th January 08
Everytime im out i always end up in here , My Mates Love it .

Luke   28th December 07
Please change the name. It's so disrespectful to cash in on Ian Porterfield's death.

Nathan Reah   19th December 07
Olivers is to re-open very soon as a sports bar and will be called PORTERFIELDS bar the owner who owns bar beyond newcastle, is holding this years manor born boxing day ball here

Chrissy Thompson   22nd November 07
Olivers is to re-open very soon as a sports bar and will be called PORTERFIELDS bar. Hopefully it will do well, it certainly will on matchdays. With that and privilidge near eachother that area will certainly have a buzz when the lads are playing.

angel   18th November 07
does anyone know if they will be looking for dancers when it reopens as a sports bar?

amy   12th November 07
olivers is soon to reopen as a sports bar in a couple of weeks time x

shelly   7th November 07
is this place going to re open ?

some one interested   2nd October 07
can and e 1 tell me whats going to happen with this place.....or who i would need to contact to view.

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