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Crowtree Road.

Photo of PorterfieldPreviously Olivers, light and spacious bar with a warm feel, the bar is named after Ian Porterfield, who played and won the F.A cup with Sunderland.
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conky fan   16th November 06
i think oivers is the second best dance place in the city. steve the manager is propper old school, he even gets himself on the dancefloor and strutts his stuff. nice open plan toilets. doormen are mint and always willing to show you the exit when you need it. nice novel wine glasses, look like pints! was in the other week and watched the girls wrestling in jelly (which barry the owner ate most of) keep up the good work steve.

jessica   15th November 06
Thurs night is a joke i felt old and im 20 full of kids how this place hasnt been closed down i do not know.

Lucy.Walsh   11th October 06
Always go in Olivers, think its well good, music is class & the bar guys & girls do a topper job.

the clappers   18th September 06
Canny pub and have a nice doorman. its a shame its a bit dingy...

Rod   7th September 06
olivers used to be a good bar, but it is just a place for charvs. way too hot aswell.

andy   28th August 06
when u out next racheal ?? anyway would be nice to see u.... does the barmaid louise still work there ?

DJ   28th August 06
Went out last night (bank Holi Sunday) The normal DJ Wrighty was not there, music was crap, but also the sound quality was crap, sounded like they were pushin the amps to hard and the volume kept comming then going! Get Wrighty back asap lads sunday was no good...

DJ   26th August 06
This is a cool bar, cheap drinks, mint bar staff and wrighty the dj gota be one of the best thats around sunderland at the moment!

Rachael   2nd August 06
Best pub on match days - cheap drink!!

~*(D   21st July 06
Well from my memory last time I was in the bouncers were freaks picking on an older lady (I know I saw) she had done nothing wrong but they still decided to man handle her out the backdoor, because someone kicked off next to her. There’s no need for that, any one would know a woman in her 60's would not cause trouble!!

babs   10th July 06
Steve, u aint getting my number lol.

Katie   10th July 06
Really good pub & good music.

hacky jacky   14th June 06
The manager steve rocks!!!!

babs   12th June 06
Ha-ha I must agree with u anon, she is a bit moody like, still love the place though.

anon   6th May 06
Olivers is good but Sarah the barmaid is the most misrable person i have ever met! cheer up darling, nothing can be that bad!

mackem   14th April 06
The best pub to go in on a match day. Cheap drinks all day, barmaids need to cheer up a bit though!

Sam R   11th April 06
It's quite reasonable for drinks and has good music.

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