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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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burny   2nd November 09
in addition, can i jus say the bouncers are quality craic. top stufff

re: erm   12th October 09
our skool dayz nights were ran by our resident dj steve pybus and phill Jackson. Unfortunatley they have been called off for a while Brogans and privilege present....... THE XFACTOR FINALISTS! Starting with kandy rain on Monday October 26th

erm   9th October 09
Hasn't School Daze been the friday night at Savannah for about 6 months? Is it the same guys doin it coz that night is mint!

liam   27th June 09
just give up this place is at the wrong side of town

privilege   22nd June 09
starting soon SCHOOL DAYZ, who can rememeber the songs you used to love while at school, well guess what Privilege is bringing them back for you to enjoy, every monday you can dance to the songs you used to love and all the new are and b, chart, and pop songs for a night that is going to be full of surprises, with only 99p drinks all night and 99p entry or free with a flyer or if you are in fancy dress you get in free plus a bottle of champagne it does'nt get better than this ps dont forget to look out for the school girls flyering team giving out special School Dayz cards where if you get them stamped at Brogans and Gatsby you get a free drink in Privilege

1 and only   17th May 09
used to love privielege to bits gauranteed to end upo there on a saturday night music class people class shame no 1 goes now blue bam boo killed priv

gd   27th April 09
actuall toxic is onto its 5th event and has not had a single inncident that would put people off and their has been alot of money spent on acts such as the blackout crew, ultrabeat, and various other artists. its on sunday 3rd may bank holiday. 10 entry and on ten till four see you there

danielle   27th April 09
how much is it too rent privledge for a party on a saturday night?

darren   24th April 09
To the owners of Privliege. I cant believe that you have put Rave back in this Nightclub, I know you have been closed for a while but in time, this place would have been back on the map. All I can say is Toxic will bring this place down, It's more like a Toxic dump with all the little Ravers. You are going to get the bad name just like the Monkey, what a shame. Well they will wreck a lovely Nightclub

Uplifted Events (Digga)   6th February 09
Probably the biggest bomb to drop on Sunderland, Uplifted boasts a vibrant atmos and a quality busy night. Uplifted is a unique old skool house night which combined with little sister night HouseLuv we are gonna raise the roof off this club.

With Retro's / Godskitchen scratchmaster DJ Simon Forestiero spinning the wheels as our popular guest.

Dale Giles / B2B / Bibby (Federation / 2kinky)
Andy Senior (Hacienda / Monroes) and Zac Greenwood ( back by dope demand)
For one night only these legend DJ's colide to bring you the best in old skool house and upfront house.
Sat 21st Feb 11pm - 4am
7 adv wristband from brogans or 8 on the door
Drinks promos inc fosters & VS bottles only 1.75 each and large vodka with mixers for only 2.50
All in all a cheap quality night with world class DJ's this is one NOT to be missed
See you all down there!
Uplifted Team

steve   21st December 08
I agree with you there - this club has had its day and how the management/owners can manage to keep paying overheads is beyond me - looked through the doors on Saturday night - 5 people! and that was just after 12. We were in Brogans for a bit and they were offering lasses 5 entry but still no-one went in. I think that says it all really. Your right about Passion - rammed all the time so I have heard although only been in once for a bit (too much drink!).

Uplifted @ Lou   20th December 08
Lou Being a promoter i come across comments like this everyday and in an earlier post i mentioned that club is just bricks and mortar. Its the night and the promotion (and who you know of course) that brings a busy and full on atmosphere!. Here at Uplifted events we have gone from Strength to strength and even we have faith in Privilege. Its our first night in the area in Feb 09 and we promise a night to remember with DJ's from the likes of Retro / Federation and Back by dope demand, We are an Old Skool House night that has no competition. We have already sold in excess of 150 tickets already and theres nearly to months to go yet. UPLIFTED The UK's Largest old skool night! join our group on facebook (official uplifted events) for exclusives on events, promotions and competitions including free entry and beers to an event near you!

Tom   19th December 08
you say it takes time to make somewhere busy when it hasnt been for a while... Passion - that was closed for 5 yer a sumit...first night it opened it was rammed..blu bambu - rammed when it was opened went down hil wen certain people left now they back and own it, its rammed agen... to make a club work in sunderland you need a brill promotion team, dj's to be popular with the crowd and mostly, need to have brill management skills... havin a promotion team in qube?? why..young ones shop here..u need to hit the likes of river island top shop, places like tht.... face it, this place is not gonna be busy agen, its had it time on the scene... now its dead!

Privilege management   17th December 08
To Lou. It was a shame it wasnt as busy as we would have liked, but as you say the music was excellent the dancers were great and the club looked good, we are working very hard here at Privilege to get it busy again, we had adverts in the echo and on galaxy all week advertising the event, we also had a dj and promotion team in cube shoe shop on saturday promoting this event,the problem we are facing is that a lot of people think Privilege is still closed or we just let all the"chavs" in, this isnt the case anymore as you can see we are going to be putting quality nights on such as Cream and Ministry it just takes time to make somewhere busy when it hasnt been for a while,at the end of the day all we are trying to do here at Privilege is give you the customer a better choice when it comes to clubbing in Sunderland because as far as we can see most of the clubs are just giving you the same old thing week in week out, we hope this didnt put you off coming again lou and hope to see you soon

RE Lou   14th December 08
management take note... need to work harder! this really is not gonna work... people have moved on from this place... the other side of the town is the place to be now... priv side is the chav side.... this place is really not gonna work untill passion and bambu close down aswel as liquid...give up..the only way you gonna get more thn 20 people in is if you refurb into a restaraunt or a shop..haha..u have tryed before, didnt work...tryd again didnt work, tryin now...stil not working!

Lou   13th December 08
Very disappointed with this - hardly anyone there, music was good but no atmosphere or anything - need to work a bit harder to get people in

amy and marie   8th December 08
this is great news we love cream and have been to creamfields all we have to say is watch out sunderland these people know how to put a excellent party on and well done to privilege for bringing cream to sunderland x

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