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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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claire   17th November 08
went in on sat and the music was brill and it looks much better now will be coming back this sat with all the girls, i hear they have got cream booked is that true

glen   17th November 08
went to privilege for the 10.00 free drink all i can say is well done the place looks great now they have opened it up and the music was excellent shame they wasnt that many in but if they keep going it will be

Digga   15th November 08
@ DJ.... Email me @ christian@blackboardsmiley.co.uk to arrange for me to listen to you and we'll see if i can get you on my books.

Dale Giles   12th November 08
We never dissapoint with our oldskool nights (uplifted) We have been going now for 3 years and had some real residencies and dj line-ups! We never have a bad vibe or bad comment on our nights, its always pleasure :-)

Privilege   9th November 08
Join us every Saturday - 10 Entry and all selected drinks free!

priv   7th November 08
never give up mate.. house nite sounds like a winner to me!

DJ....   30th October 08
I would love to do a tech/electro night there with you Digga...

Digga   30th October 08
@ Hans! Privilege like any other club for that matter is just bricks and mortar. Its what is brought to the club and the focus on the promotion that will make it a quality club. I can assure you that should we bring any nites to the club (hopefully starting in Feb with a superb old skool vs house night) We will promote it well and we guarantee a quality night. Goto youtube and search dj dale giles nye and you can see for yourself how much of a busy quality vibe we can bring.

hans   29th October 08
privilege will never ever ever be the same as it was in the day... think its time to give up ha ha ha

Dale Giles   28th October 08
I will be looking forward to coming up and playing at the club.... Not too sure the exact date but be prepared for some real oldskool classics out of the box :-) Take it easy x

DJ Chirs Bell   28th October 08
@ Digga. I'd love to see a House event at Privilege. Soulful, Funky & Bouncy would be great. Are you looking for any local DJs? As I'd be happy to put my name forward. If you're interested check out my site: www.djchrisbell.co.uk and have a listen to the stuff I play.

sam   28th October 08
cannot belive privilege is opening again i loved this place looking forward to see whats happening i here there are in talks with ministry of sound and cream that would be amazing just what sunderland needs some quality club nights to come to town cannot wait to see what is going on

Digga   27th October 08
I am a promoter who has just moved to sunderland. I am currently running and co promoting a few nights in Lancashire and am looking to do a few @ the Priv.
What nights do you want to see on there?
House? Electro? Tech House? Bouncy? Old Skool?
All our music is non commercial so its for the music and dancing lovers not the cheese.

katie   24th October 08
Hi iam glad priv is opening again sad to see so many people saying bad things about the place priv is a good club allways was allways will be ok they are putting ten pound and free drink but like pete says if done right it could work i say go on priv you go for it x

ray   24th October 08
how do you know what there license agreement is and how do you know they'll be breeching it? also Mick Butler hasn't been licensing Sargent for ages now!

Emz   24th October 08
Looking for a Christmas Night out with the girls or with the lads? Well, Privilege have the answer. After the brilliant success of the last Ladies Night we have decided to do it all again! We have a Ladies Night on Friday 5 December and a Lads Night on Friday 12 December. Watch out for more information!

colette and the girls   24th October 08
sorry privilege we wont be coming back to your place cause ya be cheap on drinks but 10 pound in and all drinks its going to attract the wrong type of people we were glad at first wen we heard it was open again but i know there will be all kinds of trouble dont care about what door staff cause when they dont let them in there will be trouble out side so people will not attempt to come

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