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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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Privilege Management   24th October 08
re pete.... At last someone can see sense thanks Pete, all the door staff have been told not to let any idiots in, and the guys who are promoting it have years of experience in the nightclub game, we are looking forward to reopening such a great club its exciting times back at Privilege and Pete if you text Privilege to 07748875735 you will recieve something special for your positive comments

fay   24th October 08
I give it another 6 months. Its just wrong location, wrong kind of club. Privelage has had its day

pete   24th October 08
as long as the doorstaff are strict and keep a clothing policy (no stripey tops) and its promoted the right way then they shouldn't have a problem.

Privilege Management   24th October 08
What we are trying to do at Privilege is give value for money, we are not going to let just anybody in and we certainly wont tolerate people getting extremely drunk, like i say you dont have to come if you dont want to but its my experience that people do like these kind of offers, and as for bud's i was in there last monday and the people that were in looked ok to me and everyone was having a good time, and i know what you mean when you talk about the idiots out there but i assure you our door team will not let them in.

Privilege Management   24th October 08
Just to let you know we are not breaching the terms of our license, you should know this and Mick is more than welcome to come along, thanks for the comment though

Re: Management   24th October 08
If I knew somewhere was doing 10 free drink I know where I defo wouldn't be going! Look at Bud's on a monday, full of scum! And thats whats gonna happen to yous. Some spots expensive but keeps the skrots away.

to privelege management   23rd October 08
if you do 10 quid for all you can drink, you are breaching the terms of your license, will be interesting to see what Mick Butler makes of this.

Privilege Management   23rd October 08
re tom and lisa. Thanks for the comments i know what both of you are saying but there is a lot of people out on a Saturday night and for only ten pounds in you are getting free drink and they are going to be getting some of the biggest name djs and acts arround, so i think Privilege is going to give you the customer value for your money on a Saturday night when most clubs are charging anthing from 5.00 - 8.00 just to get in like i say its up to you where you go on a Saturday night but if it was me and i knew somewhere was charging 10.00 free drink i know where i would go :-)

lisa   22nd October 08
i have not been on this page for a long time i think you are wasting your time and money round that side of town is dead now the only way it would work is to rave it cause with the monkey gone there is not a place in town that does it

tom   21st October 08
priv was the place to be wen joey gee was dj and andy sutton was GM. this place will never go back to what it was.. especially with andy and joe runnin passion and blu.

privilege management   20th October 08
Privilege is reopening soon. Who remembers when Privilege was the place to be, well its coming back bigger and better than before, Privilege is reopening very soon with the original DJ's, thats right the one and only Steve Privilege Pybus and Chris Smith, they are going to rock Sunderland with thier class tunes and anthems that made Privilege what it was, and if that wasnt good enough they are putting 10.00 in free drink.It gets even better Privilge are booking some of the biggest name DJs and tours arround they are in talks with Cream, Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound to name a few, so if you want to be part of the biggest comeback since Take That text Privilege to 07624809653 for special offers and to get the inside infomation about whats going on, see all you lovely customers past and present soon

batman from seaham/hendon   9th September 08
i think its about time suderland brought back the rave scene. mint music, mint venue, mint djs and mcs but doesnt have a lookin to the monkey but at least it sells cheap drinks,yes there might be fights but which club doesnt, they all do. matrix, turbo.d, impulse and scotty.j. topboys. keep up the good work lads. batman the monkey madman/batty.d

makeem lass   4th September 08
priv use to b great but its gone down hill just like all the other places! i luvd pzazz them wer the good days.

Journey-Into-Sound Promotions   3rd September 08

A Journey Into Sound Promotions Proudly presents Nocturnal @ Privilege Nightclub

Friday 5st September 2008 9pm-3m Entry 8 Over 18s

Scouse house/bounce, Clubland/Extreme, Makina, German trance, Italian dance

Privilege Nightclub holds over 800 people across to rooms of magic, this place is amazing, the sound system and lighting rig are unbelievable, also at this super-club there are 3 bars, VIP area and the best line up the north east has to offer.

The line up for the night! DJs:

9-10 DJ Matty-G (Warm-up)
10-11 DJ Jon Fazak Vs Davey-G Rushin MC
11-12 DJ Matrix MCs Impulse Vs Turbo-d
12-1 DJ Nitro MCs Tazo Vs TNT
1-2 DJs Shock vs Corrupt MCs Kinson Vs H
2-3 DJ Halman MCs Ronez Vs Pingu

Be ready for the biggest and best Makina Style events in the northeast! Special drinks promotions Bottles of VS 1 Bottles of Fosters 1.50 Double Vodka and red bull 2. Strictly no drugs are welcome! Searches will be conducted on entry; Northumbria police have a zero tolerance policy on any involvement with drugs. Dress code: Strictly no tracksuits or football tops. Trainers are ok!

For further information visit facebook and add nocturnal clubbers

Journey-into-sound Promotions   1st September 08
Nocturnal this friday 5th September 2008 9pm-3am playing the very best of scouse house/bounce, clubland extreme, makina, german trance and italian dance... add nocturnal clubbers to Faceback or myspace.com/journey_into_sounds for more information, line ups and set times

Steven   24th August 08
HA HA Why has principul moved to privelage? Has the Spider finally seen sense and sacked his sorry ass! He was the only thing wrong with the Spider. The guy is a joke jumping around with his stupid orange suit on and white glove. I think he should realised there isn't anyone in Sunderland who find him interesting. Be good to see what Spider puts in his place

Chris   22nd August 08
BOOMTASTIC THIS SUNDAY @ Privilege. Principul & the whole PSD Crew will be there, Should be awesome, just seen the posters, anyone else going? I can't wait

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