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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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Journey Into Sound Promotions   13th August 08
The next Nocturnal - Scouse house and Makina night friday 5th September 9pm-3am the line up will follow shortly

privilege regular   24th July 08
i'm not really into the music that they play, i wouldnt play it in the car at home or anything - but really enjoy the nights, good atomsphere, cheap drinks what more could you ask for - i cant wait for the next event.

Journey Into Sound Promotions   24th July 08
Re Milly you are missing the point: we have a night once a month which plays a style of music you refer to as "rave". So your bascially saying the other nights i.e rock and indie suddenly turns privilege into a rock club or indie club? No! Its an events club simple as that... I totally agree andy should be back in charge of the place on a full time basis and take it back to what is was - but unfortunately the times have changed...

Milly   23rd July 08
RE Journey in2 Sound, U say this place isnt a rave club hahaha pigs can fly. firstly Stompin Turbo-d etc used to play in the monkey that was a rave club... the music you play is practicaly rave! I say bring this club to its former glory as little gem said.. the way it was wen andy had it......

Journey Into Sound Promotions   22nd July 08
Nocturnal@Privilege Nightclub Friday 1st August 2008 9pm-3am playing the very best of scouse house, makina, hard trance and italian dance...

After successfully running our event since october 2007 we continue to get bigger and better, bringing you the best line ups possible to Sunderland...

Special Guest DJs Gary MC - resident at dimensional ( Glasgow) DJ Charlie (AD2 and Colo legend) with support from Frostie, Chrissy-G, Spoonie, Matrix...

Hosting the night Stompin Vs Hype, Banks, Turbo-d, Impulse, Mel od, Lyric, Venom, Ronez, Scotty-G...

For further info www.myspace.com/journey_into_sounds or add nocturnal clubber on facebook...

Journey Into Sound Promotions   22nd July 08
Firstly - Privilege Nightclub ISNT a rave club, it is currently been ran as an event only venue and we have one night per month playing scouse house, makina, hard trance... There is other events planned by other promoters including rock, indie nights, lads/lasses nights...

Little gem   20th May 08
Hey all ! Ive nt been to Priv in years i used to go there wen i was at Hylton College and me a me bestie m8 luvd it. We went every thurs nite and had loads of fun Privilege really does need to reopen as a better club and be like wen Andy had is .... love ya

steve   6th May 08
ere where is there some lethal rave sessions garn on like am bored now the monkey has gone ! ?

Brooke   28th April 08
Has It Been Closed Down Or Just Moving Venues? I Got Told That It's Closed Down Becasue Of Too Much Trouble? Haa Nee Gud Another All Night Rave Ment To Be Opening So I Heard ! =S Hope Soo =D

Azz Techhhh   1st April 08
This club/rave rocks the system ;D, fab nite out. few fights but thats jsut the piss heads, XTC all the wayyyy! ps if your sceared of a few stiches or fists, you need not bother come :D

old times   25th March 08
wat this place needs is the old crew back, i e the 2005/6 crew. this place was the bomb back then..... always packed, mint nights esp wen there were guest appearences and dj's in

abi   23rd March 08
why do we need another rave club i can't stand rave it does my head in and i hope one day my son does not like it. Privilege is not good as it used to be because i used to pay 7 a night but now i save that money and can buy 6 rounds of drinks in. No rave club please! it is disgusting having a rave club, use the old monkey instead if they want rave.

bubble   29th February 08
why stop that silly rave when its doing so well, and it doesnt matter what night club,bar etc that you go in there is always trouble...its a one of them things, and as for people saying its turning into the monkey, well its nothing like the monke a bet half the people saying this crap have not even been to the monkey.. if people dont like what lourney into sound are doing with this night club then they should stop bad mouthing it and not go...

DAVE THE RAVE NO1RAVER   6th February 08

Ophelia Ball   31st January 08
Looking forward to the 4th April with me hosting your ladies nite Emma, Hopefully we all will have a ball.(One in each hand...!) mwah x www.opheliab.com thanx

Emma   27th January 08
Im organising a "Ladies Nights" in Privilege on Friday 4th April 2008 at Privilege Nightclub in Sunderland. We have strippers, drag act, disco and loads more. Tickets are 6 each Email partyplanning@hotmail.co.uk for more info and to buy tickets Thanks

louise   15th January 08
stop that silly rave please i have stop going through all of the charbvers intimading people and there is lots of trouble

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