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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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Blondie   8th January 08
I have been in Privilege on a Friday "Nocturnal" night and on a Saturday night. These are to different nights but both with good atmosphere and people there to have a dance, a drink and a generally good time. Yeah there may have been a bit of trouble on a Friday night but I challenge anyone to show me a night club in Sunderland, Newcastle or any other town that does not have trouble in it! Whether you have 1, 10 or 100 doorman working someone is always going to spoil it for someone else. I'm not into rave music and Friday night is not really my type of music but Saturday night was great. I think Journey Into Sound do a great night - keep up the good work guys. As for the rest of you - stop stereotyping people/places!

sunderlands finest   30th December 07
merry Christmas to all the staff and customers, all the best.

abiie   21st December 07
i think theres something happening on the friday the 21st .

abiie   19th December 07
is there a big party on saturday 22nd december because thats what i have been told and would like to no weather there is before i buy clothes to go ?

Chris Mc   19th December 07
All you ranting and raving about dance and how it attracts charvers are wrong! The media has twisted your sorrid little minds!

to sland finest   16th December 07
the club can fit 750 in comfortably, but i have seen well over 1000 in back in the day wen the other manager ran it.

ex-monkey dj   16th December 07
end the end of the day just because people are into rave doesnt mean they are scum and troublemakers, far from it! arent people allowed to change there preferences? i have changed my music style and it wont have a monkey following and i dj in the town, i play more commerical music to adopt to the town styles

Lewie   16th December 07
priviledge is a livley club and one of the best of ts kind. Nocturnal is a good night as well and should be more often than once a month

TO SNDLANDS FINEST   14th December 07
Normally with staff and occasional footfall about 18 people on a Saturday.

Journey into Sound   13th December 07
Why the hell would we want to book QFX when they are 10 years past there sell by date? As i have said before there is an event once a month called nocturnal which plays rave style music, saturday nights will not be the monkey, mini monkey, a rave, a rave club! thats the dj name of your mate charley?

SunderlandsFinest   13th December 07
How many people can priv exactly fit in?

eddie   13th December 07
if thats the case they brought the dance scene down then why have there djs in a dj has a following so the same old meet heads will be there seen it happen too many times before they pop pills and look for trouble bad move priv

Journey-into-Sound   13th December 07
Jamie if you are talking about old new monkey djs then your talking about an event which is on a friday night once a month, called Nocturnal! Saturday nights in privilege will not be a rave club... So to make it clear Nocturnal once a month on a friday does play rave style music...Saturday nights from 5th Jan 2008 will not play rave music but dance music i.e clubland as advertised on national television...a totally different crowd

ds   12th December 07
10 doorstaff? you wanna get ten punters in, what next? qfx in drag on a tuesday. owners wanna sort it out

james   12th December 07
scouse house what ever ! more like yas are tryin to get a mini monkey the other 1 got shut down for reasons and people like yous open something like this and yas said got nothing to do with the monkey of cos it has but yas dont want to say well al not be even walking past cos you will get a beaten or sumthing.

charley   12th December 07
If you want to get ya head kicked in go to privilege cos they is loads of trouble makers go there just like before it will never change.I think that it shud not open at all and who every is tryin to say that its not like the monkey i heard that it is cos 1 of me mates is djing in there and he used to do it in the monkey

jamie   12th December 07
if them djs that its stating are there its rave some are the old monkey djs and really no one wants them in the centre of sunderland no matter how many doorman are on there will still be trouble the same trouble causes will be in only dressed smart.

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