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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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Journey Into Sound Promotions   11th December 07
Saturday nights in Privilege is not and will not be a rave and will have no connection with the new monkey dance club. (which brought the reputation of the dance scene down in Sunderland and we want to change that!) We will be promoting bouncy house and clubland style music, Strict dress code and 10 doormen on every night ensuring the highest security, we have had meetings with northumbria police and they are going to monitor the nights closley to ensure health and safety of all clubbers is paramount... privilege nightclub will not be a rave club on a saturday night

helen   10th December 07
sounds like we are going to get another rave club in sunderland sounds ok but will it last ? hope so cant wait see every 1 there.

me   10th December 07
Wat can a say well for 1 it will never last to many trouble makers get in when things like this is on and it sounds like they are trying to make it in to the monkey which got closed down for reasons and it will only happen here because the same people will get in .

Journey Into Sound Promotions   7th December 07
Starting 2008 off in style with a massive Launch party @ Privilege nightclub Saturday 5th January 2008 playing the very best of Bouncy Scouse House, Wigan Pier tunes, house, Clubland/clubland extreme and classic trance - each and every saturday - entry 5 - doors 10pm-4am Dress code on all events smart casual, strictly no tracksuits, caps, football tops however, trainers are ok! Keep posted for an internationally reowned DJ for more information visit www.nocturnal-events.co.uk (under construction) or www.myspace.com/journey_into_sounds

Journey Into Sound Promotions   6th December 07
Friday 21st December 2007 - Ultimatebounce @ Privilege Nightclub 10pm-3am entry 5. Music policy, Bouncy Scouse House, Wigan Pier tunes, house, Clubland and clubland extreme, trance and a little bit of Commercial UK Hardcore. DJs Steve Cleghorn, Skippy, Bubble, Matty-g and DJ Forcer (Commercial UK Hardcore Set) His First set at Privilege Sunderland, Special drinks promotions: Bottles of VS 1, Bottles of Fosters 1.50 and Double Vodka and Red bull 2

Journey Into Sound Promotions   6th December 07
Friday 14th December 2007- Nocturnal @ Privilege nightclub, playing the very best of bouncy scouse house, German trance, Makina, Spanish Techno/Trance and Italian dance classics. Doors 9pm-4am Entry 5 before 10.30pm 8 thereafter. Drinks Promotions 1 VS, 1.50 Fosters, and double vodka and red bull 2. Line up includes :DJs Matrix, Halman, Stonehouse, Ricki King, Ozone, Double-d vs Ollie-b, MCs Stretch vs Stompin, Francey, Ace vs Turbo-d, Impulse, Retro vs Intern, XTC

Mc mitsy   23rd November 07
Come on priv having a rave on the 14th ov next month, cant wait i was at the last rave you's had and i got on the mic proper loved it hope i can get on agane see you al there x

dan   19th November 07
how have the directors let this club become so crap?sort it out plez, and tacky strippers on a fri wont improve the already downhill club

melissa   19th November 07
went in again on Saturday and i must say what an improvement if you wanted more space to walk round, dead is not the word. You should pay your customers to be in here

kaylz   12th November 07
Privilege used to be the best night club in town, would be packed out mondays for rnb night,student nights thurs,fri and sats for every1. Its a disgrace whats happend to it. Kerry you need to get dance music playin not indie on a saturday. Indie is fine for student nights but you need to attract the clubbin crowds on a sat,

jeffery   11th November 07
are we still awake, o dear another saturday night failure this weekend, give up guys you cant fill this place like jonny m and joey g did.

clubber   11th November 07
Used to go every thurs and sat before it reopened. Been back twice since. Could not belive how poor it was. There were 7 people in will never go again untill the place is sorted and the bouncers always refuse people that are clearly old enough and only let it fit lasses pervs. Come on sort the place out every night club in sunderland is starting to get boring now

barmaid   25th October 07
this place is going down hill since the new managment took ova!

jagger   23rd October 07
what time does the pre match entertainment start on saturday?

sue and the girls   21st October 07
dont believe you lot, i got my girls to come again to see if you got the music right and you would not let us in because you had a private party on a sat night, are you for real, you want people to come in and you do that wel no more will we try your place again .

holly   21st October 07
You want to make this a chav place! (get them out the spider) or put a huge act on every month pack the pace out! Do somthing for xmas sell tickets! i could make this place work

neil   20th October 07
priv was good back in the day wen joey g was djin and andy was runnin it......wil never be the same again.

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