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8/10 Crowtree Road, SR1 3EB. Tel: 0191 514 3555

Photo of PrivilegeSituated above Brogans, this is a large nightclub with a good balance of dancing areas and seating areas. The club is almost L-shaped with the DJ booth situated in the middle, looking down onto a large dance-floor area with lots of flash lighting effects. Always packed with smart young clubbers on weekend nights. Visit the Privilege website.
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pete w   20th October 07
You have a million pound nigtclub and your booking other venues acts and failing,went in Thursday night and it was so dead 30 people in a venue that size, leave ku alone and the acts we love there..please..

Ku Girl   19th October 07
U cant fill a venue now saturdays are awful, my god this was the club bring back jonny m hes hot

mel.   19th October 07
oh no whats happening. indie ? i'm not going back,it will only end up a rotten place with all the unwashed customers thats getting in now.. yak!

chud   18th October 07
bring back jonny m, if i wanted a bra i would go to ann summers

sue and the dance crew   23rd September 07
went in again on saturday and we walk back out y o y did you start and play that music no indie please if you play the dance tunes it will get more people in ..

melissa   19th September 07
What is going on with this place, me and my friends went in and oh my god it was playing indie music if you play that crap it will not get any body in come on get it sorted.

mc kiza   20th August 07
Great place to go wit ya m8īs on a satiday night.

staff   13th August 07
I work in privilege for the pre match and the atmosphere is really good. The beer is not expensive at all its a pound for a bottle of fosters you cant get much cheaper than that. Get yourself along, the comedian is a right laugh.

Amy   13th August 07
If you wanna see strippers Nat get yourself into a strip club you sado! the prematch is good, the leaflet warns about the comdian being crude and rude so if you cant hack it you shouldn't of went.

ant   7th August 07
if you stayed til the end of the show you would have seen the strippers

Nat   6th August 07
Pre match entertainment before the Juve game should be advertised whites only. When the racist comedian started insulting a black lad we drank up and left before he started on my Asian mate. Surely in this day and age theres no need for racist crap like that, isn't it illegal??? No strippers either, warm crap expensive beer. Never ever again.

alan   17th July 07
match days in privilege, wee phillie the comedian who used to do match days in idols is going to b there every home game, topless barmaids dancers fun and games giveaways, what more do you want get down to priv on the 4th august for the juventus game bring it on sunderland whoop whoop !

seaburn casual   8th June 07
went in there friday night, absoloute shi*e, the bouncer with the goatee ripped me new lacoste shirt, offering me out round the back what is that bout, was with the wifey too, pathetic, get it sorted!

Hot lass   20th May 07
I hate priv, need to get it better again, why not have a couples nite? with no chavs x

XX   19th May 07
priv used to be good back in 2oo2 now sh*t you got little chavs wanting to punch anyone and the lasses are like slags

carley   14th May 07
went on thursday and was rubbish, only about 40 people in if that

linsey   11th May 07
Can any 1 tell me how to look at the photos wat got took on thursday night please.

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