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Above Banana Joes! Homeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of PulseAdmittedly this kind of place is never going to be first on your destination list. That’s because chain bars never are, there’s something about the regimented décor in every venue that suggests any heart and soul in the place has been sacrificed for a unified company outlook and a stab at modern chic.

However, this doesn’t mean that Pulse is a dive and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing actually wrong with it in any real sense of the word - you can buy reasonable drinks, and listen to reasonable music. In other words – you can have a perfectly good night out here, it’s just unlikely that you’ll have a particularly memorable one, but then, who wants to have a memorable night every night?

Sometimes you just want a drink and a chat without having to make much of an effort and, for that kind of thing, Pulse will do just fine.

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andy   30th November 14
someone needs to bring it back ... worst thing it ever did was close... tunes were massive if they'd only sorted the drinks and prices out ... gutted to see it go ... if anyone is reading this bring it back please

caitlyn   12th November 11
pulse is the best place ever maaan, kev the dj <3

rhyce copley.   25th January 11
pulse for the world. music like no where else. staff like no other. and drinks cheap as frozen peas.

amy   19th July 10
anyone know where i can find an email adress or something to contact? ringing isnt really working, they must be really busy everytime ive tried

andy j   17th July 10
best bar in town no chavs allowed well done staff and hey the blonde girl behind the bar you light my fire x

archie 2   13th October 09
god i love this place wish it was bigger music is boss people boss, see you saturday

M   11th October 09
Something bizarre always happens in this place so it's hard not to miss it out.

jules   30th September 09
i love pulse cracking music and good atmosphere reminds me of my youth in KU club. could happily spend all night in here. However i have fell down those stairs far too many times and if i dont fall down them i get tot he bottom then trip over the tiny step out onto the street, every single week this happens. great times in a great bar x

archie   2nd August 09
visited sunderland last weet friends said have a look at pulse i thought what ever and my god it was great best tunes .best staff .best doormen. best set of customers .never had atmosphere like it before every one singing tunes owners im from coventry please please bring pulse there please ,,,,,

zoe   1st August 09
is it true that DJ Liam is coming back to work here ??? heard hes back from tenerife and that he hes coming back here i was there the bank hol the first nite he woz in the place woz buzzing i was in all the time when he was there bring him back

che fan   27th July 09
pulse is best bar in sunderland on saturday night not to be missed but best to get served in bananajos then take drink up stairs its free entry and its buzzing no trouble just good guys and dolls and door staff are great friendly staff

Dave   3rd March 09
Hey there just to let you all know Pulse has undergone some refurbishment including; A Brd new sound system; New Plasma Screens; New Lighting Effects; Repainted

Scotty   31st January 09
Pulse is amazing its the best INDIE DISCO in the town and the music is not on repeat its just wat people ask for so he playes wat you want if you think it is repetitive you should just ask him to play a few what you like, the stairs are dangurus only if you are to pissed if ya fall down thm its ya own fault lol, av been down thm plenty lol, and if ya read "god's" post you hav to be brave to slide all the way down i'v done it ones but you are going so fast at thy end you cart stop lol never tryed it after that, the drinks are relly good ok value not the cheapest not the most exspencive, and the good thing if a charver ever does come in there are not there long they dont like the music so they go down staires were there is dance music and a relient regal van TROTTERS lol, thts all you need to no about it and they are relly friendly people there and i dont think i'v ever seen a fight there so everyone is there for a good time, try it hav a look in.

soph   21st December 08
aye ive nearly went my length down those stairs myself like hah. those were the days. But i've stopped going to pulse now, the musics repetitive, its a 20 song playlist on repeat or something. And its just a bit dull. But i had some memories there back in the day!

Les   17th December 08
This is one of the only places in Sunderland I bother with... Here then Independent. I've become so boring.

god   19th October 08
those stairs are awesome not many people can slide all the way dowm the rails

mike   8th October 08
haha our mate fell down last sat, he was mortal mind. Its got no bannister to hold on to or has it?

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