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Above Banana Joes! Homeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of PulseAdmittedly this kind of place is never going to be first on your destination list. That’s because chain bars never are, there’s something about the regimented décor in every venue that suggests any heart and soul in the place has been sacrificed for a unified company outlook and a stab at modern chic.

However, this doesn’t mean that Pulse is a dive and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing actually wrong with it in any real sense of the word - you can buy reasonable drinks, and listen to reasonable music. In other words – you can have a perfectly good night out here, it’s just unlikely that you’ll have a particularly memorable one, but then, who wants to have a memorable night every night?

Sometimes you just want a drink and a chat without having to make much of an effort and, for that kind of thing, Pulse will do just fine.

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James   5th October 08
You need to watch those stairs, i've seen 3 people fall down them the past two months (and i'm not even kidding) dont know how they manage to get wet either or if its certain shoes people are wearing or what, definatly dangerous though. is the stairs that lead down to the entrance that goes straight upto pulse like. not the banana joe ones.

DJ Liam Gray   20th May 08
hiya people just to let you know i dont dj here no more , but i am still in town elsewhere . good luck the team in here enjoyed my time with you dj liam gray

James   18th May 08
Hi i'm the bar supervisor for pulse, been working there last 5 or 6 months and the place has so much potential, looking so much better since it's been refurbished as well. yes, the entrance confuses some people but the fact that its a bit hidden gives it great indie credibility. We could have a perfect highly visible position open on the street corner like boab and just look at how well they're doing right? my main thought when i go to bars is 'its going to take forever to get served here' but at pulse, our bar staff are drilled. You will consistently get faster drinks than anywhere else in town, great service and a hell of an atmosphere. If you don't believe me, get yourselves down on saturday and you'll be surprised at how much its changed recently.

DJ Liam Gray   14th May 08
got my cv with all dates on your more then welcome to have a look and contact all the bars clubs i have worked at but theres a long list as for begging for work i dont have to beg like i say havent been back long so probs was a posting i done asking about work but thats far from begging plus i earn enough i could take a year out and still be ok

doug   13th May 08
dj gray what that is all lies and you know it come on then name the clubs and dates as for work you where on hear the other month beging for work as for mixing it up jaydees, glass spider, blue bambu and independent come on dont be a sheep if you are really that good be original that is what this bar needs

dj gray   12th May 08
pizza kid i been away doing some big clubs in tenerife and down in london havent been back long and this place a start ill get it turned around and make a name for my self if not plenty more places to go to am not short of offers . just thought i would help of this place as it needs a new booast of life

DJ Gray   11th May 08
mixing it up is getting the punters in so its going to have to happen will still play some indie . think along the lines of a mix of jaydees , glass spider , blu bambu and independent all under one roof thats what it will be like sorry if it upsets a few people but you cant please everyone

pizza kid   11th May 08
i have worked with some blinding djs in my time and to be honest dj gray if your of production producing i.e your own mixes how come you have ended up in this bar, its not as good a bar as the descrip you give your self

paul   11th May 08
sorry liam but you are doing the same as every body else and the place has no atmosphere. you should stick to one type of music and get the place some respect and if you can mix, dont mix, please

DJ Gray   7th May 08
hiya am the new dj on a monday , tues , and thurs and boy are things going to change a little bit gone are the days of listening to same song over and over again week in week out i mix up indie tunes with a bit old skool dance rnb and charts plus some of my very own remixs and mash ups , tues night now brings in a karoake night with a difference as its aslo you say we play night . monday is student night and thursday is start of weekend . was working on bank holiday sunday and got this place jumping it will be a huge turn around and we will knock indenpent off top spot watch this space . dj liam gray

eatme   10th March 08
good place and quality music, the dj plays some quality new stuff and old ie the stone roses etc but one thing boils my piss. He insists on playing certain songs about for times a night, ie Mr Brightside and Chelsea Dagger, the only thing that spoils it.

G   20th January 08
being in the otha nite was my 2nd visit. bit on the expensive side but the atomphsere was alright and the laternative dance and indie music at the time we were in were spot on to :D rock on new order:D:D

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Ken Shamrock   23rd November 07
Pulse and Seven are the best two bars in Sunderland. Cracking music, but unlike a lot of other "indie bars" it still has soul and atmosphere. Banana Joes is utter gash like, but Pulse is the boyo

izzy   17th November 07
haha yeahh i know, it is shoking like ive stopped going in as much as i used to because of the kids but it is a good nigh in there.

splendid fred   26th October 07
izzy, they dont want kids getting in? i went in there the other week on a saturday and it was like a youth club with people who were obviously underage

izzy   4th October 07
I think its too strict in there to get in i constantly get id'd and looked up and down. and it really spoils the night. i mean im 19 and i always get id'd there and nowhere else. i umndersand they dont want kids getting in but loosen it up a little !