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Above Banana Joes! Homeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of PulseAdmittedly this kind of place is never going to be first on your destination list. That’s because chain bars never are, there’s something about the regimented décor in every venue that suggests any heart and soul in the place has been sacrificed for a unified company outlook and a stab at modern chic.

However, this doesn’t mean that Pulse is a dive and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing actually wrong with it in any real sense of the word - you can buy reasonable drinks, and listen to reasonable music. In other words – you can have a perfectly good night out here, it’s just unlikely that you’ll have a particularly memorable one, but then, who wants to have a memorable night every night?

Sometimes you just want a drink and a chat without having to make much of an effort and, for that kind of thing, Pulse will do just fine.

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.marco   23rd September 07
Night life fraid to disagree pulse is the best bar in sunderland . by far im from manchester and brought my friends there last week and we were rocking all night the staff smile [unlike .... others i wont mention and drink prices are far the best in the area and doorman take no prisoners they throw any chavs who over step there mark well done every one of yous when i finish degree im buying a bar in my home town and taking the best dj ive heard .

tracy manageress   23rd September 07
Recently decorated and looking superb, got rid of all that awful ! purple ! got much better staff and awesome djs, mitch and kev business really zoomin since takeover, back in april got rid of all the cobwebs ha ha ! amazin drinx prices call in and see for yourself place is really buzzin especially thursdays and saturdays see ya soon x x x

thursday nights   22nd August 07
upstairs on a thursday is class!.. good prices and really gd music!

paulas   7th August 07
this pub is rotten, looks like a flat, I've been in once and that was enough.

g   16th July 07
played new order for me :D

Ving   6th June 07
Just a quick one to all those who think the "new" Djs in pulse is not as good as the old one. Its the same ones that have been doin it for nearly a year now ..there has been no change. Great to see everyone paying attention then lol. Personally i think the lads who Dj here are superb they`ve got a huge range of tunes and will always do thier best to play all the requests they can no matter how bizzare .. i asked for a tune one fri nite that they didnt have and when i came back on the sat nite they had it waiting for me.. great to see peeps who actually listen to what thier punters want .. keep up the top notch work lads and i'll be back every week!

Kyle   6th June 07
nice bar, plenty more sitting area now, cheap drinks, music could be updated, i started coming here when it first opened, the DJ steve was mint, wheres he gone? nice bar to start the night off.

maddison   16th May 07
pulse is mint i just had a gig there it was amazing :D:D:D:D x

Dave the barman   7th May 07
To Anglela, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about, how can you say the staff are idiots, thugs and low-lives, you dont even know us at all! it's pathetic how you can even say that, none of the staff are any of those things! far from it infact!, yes is is true there are new staff, and everyone is trying to make it a good place for a night out, and it is, the music is good, drinks are reasonable! so come one people get yourselves in! and also visit Bj's downstairs and i will be happy to play whatever songs you are after, if possible and i may even engage in a conversation if you are nice enough! =)

Bex.   3rd May 07
Gigs on Wedensdays :) x

Amanda   1st May 07
This place is gr8! Lydia & Nicola are gr8 fun! really friendly and make ya welcome. Door staff are tremendous! Try it, ya might like it.

Rebecca   30th April 07
I love pulse! the bar staff are always really friendly and there's always a great atmosphere - pulse all the way!

indiebabe23   30th April 07
Good quality indie tunes, fun bar staff, cheap drinks, huge toilets (always a bonus!) great doorstaff.......you honestly cant go wrong - this place is great !

janine   30th April 07
PULSE rocks.....The staff are all great, really friendly & fun.....lydia is KOOL ! if you aint been in before, get urself in on a sat... get youre free shot downstairs then come on upstairs & enjoy the music.... the dj does do a good job - (if you came in when there was no dj a few wks ago - then try it again now - it rocks!)

Lydia the barmaid   22nd April 07
Come on guys! it really isn't that bad. I'll be honest, the place really does depend on the crowd. As for Angela's comment, new staff? I do everything to try and make pulse a great place to be. I regularly make conversation with customers to see if they're enjoying themselves and i'm always polite unless people cause trouble! So as for being an idiot, thug and a low life, do you actually know me?

Helen   18th April 07
what happened to Brad and Rach? they had the place brilliant!

lizzy   16th April 07
Walked passed a few times, sounds canny good but never been in, can anyone let me know if its worth a pop in? x