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Above Banana Joes! Homeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of PulseAdmittedly this kind of place is never going to be first on your destination list. That’s because chain bars never are, there’s something about the regimented décor in every venue that suggests any heart and soul in the place has been sacrificed for a unified company outlook and a stab at modern chic.

However, this doesn’t mean that Pulse is a dive and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing actually wrong with it in any real sense of the word - you can buy reasonable drinks, and listen to reasonable music. In other words – you can have a perfectly good night out here, it’s just unlikely that you’ll have a particularly memorable one, but then, who wants to have a memorable night every night?

Sometimes you just want a drink and a chat without having to make much of an effort and, for that kind of thing, Pulse will do just fine.

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brett   2nd February 07
I know the guy who runs this bar and it isn't gonna be turned into a lap dancing place. admittedly, the decor isn't so great. There's plenty of seats, and loads of drinks available (specials are to bottles for £3!, and house trebles for £3). You can also get free shots of Cactus Jacks sometimes. Sometimes it's empty, and other times it's packed from wall to wall.

tammy   29th January 07
the last DJ here was gr8 steve made our nyt all the tym love this bar cheap drinks love gettin down on the dancefloor.x

steve   29th January 07
amazing andy - this bar is above banana joes opposite ttonic plays mainly indie all nyt quite cheap.

Amazing Andy   28th January 07
Call me ignorant or stupid but where the hell is this bar i've not come across it and i've not seen ay advetising for it?? can't experience somewhere i never get to hear about!

Tom_Knight   2nd January 07
Justin Time, how do you know it was crap if you walked back out.. lol Its a canny little bar, very cheap and music is decent.

Justin Time   15th December 06
what a pile of crap. walked in to see what its like, saw how many people were in and walked back out

Leanne   13th December 06
Av heard its been takin over and maybe bj downstairs and its gettin turned into 1 pub?

Daaavvveeeee   13th December 06
Any more news on the lap dancing thing, wanna see claire21 shake her ass in here ;)

stephen talour   13th December 06
its a class club its good crack

Stacey   8th December 06
New DJ on sat is a right tatey, doesn't know what hes doing cheap drinks and plenty of places to sit!

Claire21   6th December 06
I hope it is gonna be a lap dancing club, think thats one thing Sunderland is missing, i used to work at for your eyes only in newcastle, i think it would do very well in this part of town... Xxx

Just Think Phil   5th December 06
Love the indie tunes that are banging out all night. Great cheap drinks. But please can we have a better lay out. Or better lights for dancefloor? Place does not seem to have been that well thought out.

Leanne   16th November 06
Is that right i heard that pulse is going to be a lap dancing club in january sumtime?

??????   15th November 06
oioi every f*cker alreet lol...

rach   14th November 06
Its mega cheap in here and tunes are good, bill there are seats in corner big couches but who wants to sit down when theres a dance floor !!

Leanne   13th November 06
Nice bar cheap and the dj steve who works on a thursaday is well fit hes tunes arent bad either.

Cheap!!!   9th November 06
Haha HOW Cheap... Go all the time its canny...