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Above Banana Joes! Homeside, Sunderland. Tel :0191 5101883

Photo of PulseAdmittedly this kind of place is never going to be first on your destination list. That’s because chain bars never are, there’s something about the regimented décor in every venue that suggests any heart and soul in the place has been sacrificed for a unified company outlook and a stab at modern chic.

However, this doesn’t mean that Pulse is a dive and should be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing actually wrong with it in any real sense of the word - you can buy reasonable drinks, and listen to reasonable music. In other words – you can have a perfectly good night out here, it’s just unlikely that you’ll have a particularly memorable one, but then, who wants to have a memorable night every night?

Sometimes you just want a drink and a chat without having to make much of an effort and, for that kind of thing, Pulse will do just fine.

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anton   23rd October 06
bjs better down stairs barmaids abrupt to you but bjs tops downs stairs .

emma   16th October 06
I really love pulse, i line up my tripple vodkas and orange and all my aftershocks and neck then all in one go, haha then i love to dance all over with all the lads coz they propa lv me. come on pulse keep it up !!!!

Bill   15th October 06
Not alot of drink selections and nowhere to sit down. The music isnt the best either. Anyone can get in seen as theres no doorstaff at the front door. Pants.

Neil.   11th October 06
Often go in here when im out, Drinks are Mega cheap and music is ok, Worth a visit.

natalie   10th October 06
Only been in once but was canny gud! think it was about £5 for 2 triple vodka and cokes!!!!!

Liam   2nd October 06
Great bar, Great drink promotions, Great variety of music. Not a massive bar, medium sized, plenty room to dance. Up class bar!! x

victoria   29th September 06
anyone been in here yet!? what are the tunes like? might go in 2morra night xx

anon   28th September 06
never knew there was a new bar opening! just heard of it now! might have to try it some time!

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