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15 Olive Street (On corner of Park Lane).

Photo of PurePure is basically cool tunes, cheap prices and a quality atmosphere with a separate club upstairs called The Milk Club sambuca bar.

Situated at the head of Park Lane, Pure works to bring local and touring bands plus named DJs into a dedicated, cool music venue in Sunderland with something a bit different to everywhere else.

Pure brings you Indie, Soul & Rock n Roll downstairs with a large selection of quality bottles plus Heineken and Amstel on tap whilst upstairs The Milk Club, (Clockwork Orange themed by local artists), contrasts and allows for promoted nights and super cheap drinks in a dark, blue-lit and completely unique venue well worth experiencing.
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bev   11th December 13
Hi all we coming through for nite out, not sure bout closing times, when does it close, any tips on pub routes please

Ste Woods   2nd February 13
Purple Heart Parade coming down here on 2nd Feb. Thanks in advance to everyone who shown up and thanks for having us down. We cannot wait!

Kyle   7th December 12
My band are playing here on the 22nd of December, I'm looking forward to it. Check us out on Facebook; Band name - Dissident. With Heineken on tap it's already my favourite place.

Splendid Fred   29th November 12
You can change the decor, but you cant change the people in it. Why arent the obvious trouble makers barred? Shame.

Tammy   18th November 12
Some stupid drug dealer set a fire work of in here on saturday. Just goes to show this place is already heading down the same path as previous owners.... Closure, people could have been seriously injured or worse on Saturday. It scared me really bad, don't feel safe here.

mick   17th November 12
Top job Hope it goes well

Mick   29th October 12
Heard its Stoker from Seven and its opening on Thursday. can't wait its about time we had some new decent bars

Jimmy   26th October 12
Walked past here last night and the place is getting done out. Anyone know who's got it and when it's going to be opening?

dave   28th September 12
Sounds like a good idea, somewhere with good live bands on a Saturday night would be something different, could charge small cover charge, have reasonably priced drinks, could pack the place out if done right.

rq   22nd September 12
if i opened this place again and turned it into a live performance club aka cabaret, live bands, dancers every night, who would like it?

wtf   1st April 12
someone talking to themselves?

sunderland dj   13th March 12
these guys are not a rumour ,they are an investment company ,who back bands djs and anything thats fun and differant , extremely cool extremely shy and totally under ground . they move from town ,city club to club make a place top end invest in talent and move on, there the hong kong fuey of the music world

club info   13th March 12
see it hear it know it , pure has been taken by talent spotters for the music circuit , they have invested money in several well know bands , i used to work for them there very low key , keep changing there name and your either in the know or your not . having said that who is jenny thynne and how do i get tickets for opening night

bad eddie   13th March 12
i have just herd bwani junction are booked to appear , and another name i didnt catch but it sounds good . hope its true pure rules

secret dj   13th March 12
i know the guys who are taking this over and they have been involved in some huge stuff , if you have talent this is the place you want to be, they have huge radio and tv connections

jammie j   13th March 12
does anyone know jenny thyne apparently she can get tickets for opening knight , long live pure

glastonberrys   13th March 12
weve tried to book our band there, apparently they have some new band who has just won an award on radio one playing on opening night , does anyone know how to get tickets

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