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15 Olive Street (On corner of Park Lane).

Photo of PurePure is basically cool tunes, cheap prices and a quality atmosphere with a separate club upstairs called The Milk Club sambuca bar.

Situated at the head of Park Lane, Pure works to bring local and touring bands plus named DJs into a dedicated, cool music venue in Sunderland with something a bit different to everywhere else.

Pure brings you Indie, Soul & Rock n Roll downstairs with a large selection of quality bottles plus Heineken and Amstel on tap whilst upstairs The Milk Club, (Clockwork Orange themed by local artists), contrasts and allows for promoted nights and super cheap drinks in a dark, blue-lit and completely unique venue well worth experiencing.
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guys and dolls   13th March 12
cant wait for pure attraction to be back open, does anyone know if there booking dj s yes

mickey blue eyes   13th March 12
just herd pure is being done out and opened up again, apparently its still going to be called pure and up stairs is going to be attraction, same vibe and idea

Michael D   11th January 12
someone open this place back up. Its a guarenteed success

sh   16th December 11
Is this pub for sale or rent x

AWD   28th August 11
I am looking to opening this bar soon, please stay tuned for more info

Michael d   16th May 11
Are there any plans to open pure back up? Had some quality nights in there and in the milk club

nathan dixon   28th March 11
does anyone know where i can get photo's that were taking in here on saturday night just gone ?

jj   25th December 10
would love to go out to these nightclubs but want to know how old you have to be plus do they allow u.v tattoos and trainers ?

Re Gina   11th October 10
Quality tunes - ha ha - dj killed pure.

Adele   6th October 10
R.I.P Pure, such a shame, so sorry to lose you x

Puzzled   5th October 10
Closed again I see! Why this time ??

Gina   27th August 10
Quality tunes, quality atmosphere. Mint place all round

Micky Trewick   19th August 10
Pure is without doubt one of the few places worth going in Sunderland. Saturdays are mint, with the DJ playing a mixture of indie and dance. They seem to have sorted out the underage kids problem too. Thumbs up to whoever runs this place!

G McL   27th July 10
Great music and atmosphere! Enjoyed weekend, strange how you get drawn into staying here all night though! :)

Gem   19th July 10
Yeyyyyyyyyy new toilets, RIP the old ones! Get on up Pure!

Angie   19th July 10
Cool as in yours like, proper like it, really nice crowd like no-where else in this small town!

AW   8th July 10
Haha why is someone even comparing Pure to Luma on here, your obviously clueless about music if you even go to Luma which I only ever see people in during the day, with Basshunter blasting at their hearing aids. We always do here White Room and Independent and the music these places do is awesome but changes from place to place, it's a cool circuit to do and keeps us out of the way of the nobs and beirns about town, right on and keep on goin