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15 Olive Street (On corner of Park Lane).

Photo of PurePure is basically cool tunes, cheap prices and a quality atmosphere with a separate club upstairs called The Milk Club sambuca bar.

Situated at the head of Park Lane, Pure works to bring local and touring bands plus named DJs into a dedicated, cool music venue in Sunderland with something a bit different to everywhere else.

Pure brings you Indie, Soul & Rock n Roll downstairs with a large selection of quality bottles plus Heineken and Amstel on tap whilst upstairs The Milk Club, (Clockwork Orange themed by local artists), contrasts and allows for promoted nights and super cheap drinks in a dark, blue-lit and completely unique venue well worth experiencing.
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JohnW   8th July 10
Tunes are brill in here, one of the best in town, I proper like it and personally don't really notice a young crowd getting in and I'm 25. I think it's one of the better bars in town and gets a really good atmosphere going

JoC   2nd July 10
Liking it a lot better in here of recent times, keep on the up please coz theres not many decent places in Sunderland! Cool!

Effy   2nd July 10
Top draw last few of weeks Pure, its nice to see a bar making an effort to listen to customers for a change rather than just open its doors and expect people to walk in. See ya'll at shweeeekend

TFFT   2nd July 10
In last Friday and was chuffed to see the crowd was an over 20's crowd like the old days! Tunes seem to have gone back up in here too

jesus   16th June 10
have you got a telephone number ? Tried every were for it and cant get intouch please i need my cruches back

george   8th June 10
I have no idea how the authorities allow this bar to stay open. I have been in on a number of occasions recently (Thursdays for ASBO, Saturday nights, and on Saturday day time while attending the fringe festival), every time the place has been full of drunken kids! They must be earning a fortune from all that pocket money! I won't be back, my advice is to stick to the white room.

matty   6th June 10
back to where we left off then ? pure opens, great bar with great music then the music changes along come the kids, the place turns into a messy youth club and eventually closes. Pure re opens looks very nice music seems to be great again,good crowd. Now as before its degenerated into a bar full of kids again and a messy venue the hilight being the toilets.(YAKK) why do the owners seem hell bent on ruining this place?

mick   27th May 10
the music is soo crap in here so we walked back down the street to head up the main street when we thought we would pop into luma it was packed with at least 21 year olds in here the music was really good plus drinks were cheap 1.60 a bottle cant go wrong

Dave (Ex Customer)   20th May 10
Agreed with Simon. Went in a week or so ago and it was like a school disco. Im really surprised the bar staff don't ID these people..drunk and staggering about. We had one and left. This place ain't what it used to be music wise either The owners must love indie and electro. It's turned in to a bit of a dirty indie stink pit

simon   17th May 10
I was out on friday night, it was about 10/10.30 and town seemed to be really quiet, but we could see lots of people outsde of pure, so we walked up.When we got there, the bar was heaving full of kids, absolutely shocking, so we were in one door out of the other.

Pure   15th April 10
Upstairs is free to hire your best bet is to message the bar on fb

Wiggs   10th April 10
Id also like to know about hiring upstairs. Anyone know what the dealio is?

kay   22nd March 10
a good bar to start your night

emmz   20th March 10
can you hire the milk bar for partys does anyone know how much it costs

scott thirlwall   17th March 10
yep top quality place lyk

KeyLad   10th March 10
Pure is basically (in my opinion) the best bar in the centre of sunderland if not the whole of Sunderland. No matter what the night there is always something on and diffrent people to talk to, the drinks are at a very good price especially the doubles,

The BlitZ   25th February 10
We are supporting Hatcham Social on Saturday 27th Feb Gonna Be Very Good Cant WAIT