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15 Olive Street (On corner of Park Lane).

Photo of PurePure is basically cool tunes, cheap prices and a quality atmosphere with a separate club upstairs called The Milk Club sambuca bar.

Situated at the head of Park Lane, Pure works to bring local and touring bands plus named DJs into a dedicated, cool music venue in Sunderland with something a bit different to everywhere else.

Pure brings you Indie, Soul & Rock n Roll downstairs with a large selection of quality bottles plus Heineken and Amstel on tap whilst upstairs The Milk Club, (Clockwork Orange themed by local artists), contrasts and allows for promoted nights and super cheap drinks in a dark, blue-lit and completely unique venue well worth experiencing.
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diggle stick   23rd February 10
Hatcham Social.. this Saturday 27th Feb. Looking forward to seeing this rated band.

Gareth   7th January 10
Pure was at its best when most of the week was indie/rock/student. Fri was indie, and saturday was house/soul/disco etc. Disco (and i dont mean a 70's night) blew up massively in 2009, even the young kids were dancing to it. Along side house and soul... it makes for in my opinion, a cracking saturday night vibe. And if i remember right... Pure used to be packed for it. (When Gary and Aidi done it).
Unfortunately the next owner ruined sat nights and everyone left. On that note. I also think there is a big scene for a more harder edge to sat nights, deep house, a bit of minimal, a bit of dubstep, possibly drum and bass. As thats certainly what alot of students and the cool kids are listening too.
Id have a couple of DJ's in who can play top notch music, but have a good range in their bag. Some banging stuff from 10 - 12 supported by good house, hip hop, good disco, soul. Supported by some good quality design and respected djs with good contacts and your onto a winner

Pure   5th January 10
Happy New Year, and a massive thanks to everyone who comes down regularly or not so regular, we've certainly had a brilliant time over the last few months and have seen everyone else having one too! Believe us! Points are always noted and we try and adapt to good and usefull comments, afterall, it's for your enjoyment as much as ours and we try and keep it as simple as that...! Cheers again and much love!

Ginger Dango   3rd January 10
Well said Dempster, get the house and soul back on track on sat nighta, disco, house, beats, blah blah blah is big again shame pure mainly plays indie now downstairs = YAWN If your gonna play indie why not totally mix it up like what Indepedent does. Indie, rave, drum and bass etc etc.

Dempster   30th December 09
Love to see comments on here from management and staff bigging their own bar up. The place is one of the towns only half decent bars. Think the drastic change to Indie and rock music all week when it re-opened was a bit severe as the old soul and house music used to be great...especially in the summer....but as I've said...still one of at least 3 decent boozers in the city centre.

Ernest   17th December 09
Wow this place is so cool its amazing inside the drinks and great and the best prices in town and the djs are the bestest ever in the town. I love Pure its amazing

CarlC   15th December 09
Been gettin some awesome tasting pints in here recently, don't normally get that in the mainstream bars. Is packed on weekends wen we've been in like, is good.

Woop   15th December 09
Wow this place is really taking over the map innit, good job with good drinks prices and klass tunes. Never out during week but can vouch that Fri's and Sat's in here are wicked upstairs and down, nice one!

JJ   14th December 09
I used to love this place when it first opened... had some amazing bands on. I thought it went downhill when the music got cheesy and the place had a4 paper on the walls with drink deals written on them. Must admit thought it was gone for good but love the new bar! Why is everyone complaining about the music? The dj's on a sat are klass, and im sure they were there at the start to be honest... love the nights upstairs going on aswell - cheap and cheerful, good job

Aha   14th October 09
I had a limonbomb that one of the bar girls made me try and it was class. No where else does them, or knows what they, are and ive asked all over! Keep up the good atmoshpere!

Gord   14th October 09
Agreed, I fell in love with the bar waitresses and the promo girl... all of them, all night! See you's Friday! And Sat!

M   11th October 09
I fell in love with the bar waitresses here. All of them. Last night.

Blackout Appreciation   4th October 09
Who was the guy doing the electric drum solo on Friday night? That was immense, busiest Friday i've been to in town for a long long time. Milk Club = VERY cool! (unless its packed like Friday's then its very hot!)

shaun   1st October 09
Seems to have died right off in here, shame as it looked alright when it opened. Pints don't taste too clever at all mind.

Alison   17th September 09
I've just come back to sunderland and wow what a paint job, love the deco

Leighton   17th September 09
Quality effort in here like! Cool as owt, can't think of anywhere else in sunderland that does it like here. Some random drinks on for cheap, my mate got some cocktail with black vodka on top the other night, massive thumbs up!

Darren   9th September 09
My mate went in here the other night and asked for a Jagerbomb, when he got it we all tasted it and it was some kind of lemon! really weird, music's ok, but it looks very run down from when it first re-opened, mainly the toilets.