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15 Olive Street (On corner of Park Lane).

Photo of PurePure is basically cool tunes, cheap prices and a quality atmosphere with a separate club upstairs called The Milk Club sambuca bar.

Situated at the head of Park Lane, Pure works to bring local and touring bands plus named DJs into a dedicated, cool music venue in Sunderland with something a bit different to everywhere else.

Pure brings you Indie, Soul & Rock n Roll downstairs with a large selection of quality bottles plus Heineken and Amstel on tap whilst upstairs The Milk Club, (Clockwork Orange themed by local artists), contrasts and allows for promoted nights and super cheap drinks in a dark, blue-lit and completely unique venue well worth experiencing.
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Amanda D   1st September 09
Why are some people complaining about the amount of indie music? - Saturday night had Beastie Boys, Q Tip, Basement Jax, Wiseguys amongst others, they are hardly indie! Loved it.

jo   30th August 09
saturdays have really changed. we want the old djs back, music was amazing then. i see things are starting to go back to normal such as no loo roll, no locks on toilet doors, no ice or change behind the bar, dont let it slip.

mel-p   27th August 09
get your old saturday night dj's back please please please ! much better music ! the place needs a change from all the indie stuff at least one night of the week ! ;) thanks

brian   25th August 09
I'm not a fan of this place, it looked different when it opened, but the last couple of times I've been in it just looks really tacky now.

Amanda J   18th August 09
i've been a regular at this bar since its conception way back. seen it go through highs and lows. When it re opened early this year i attended the opening weekend and was thrilled with how great the place looked, total transformation ! however its starting to head backwards again. The bar is great but its starting to attract the kids again that i think contributed to its downfall before. The music (in my opinion) isn't as good as it used to be.its all" obvious "house and funk. I'm not here to champion dj's but the tattooed big fella and his friend who used to work there on a sat played great "quality "music you couldn't find anywhere else in the city. Infact it paralleled anything played in newcastles most successful venues.why is the bar insisting on playing indie almost every night/all week long? why not cater for everyone? A re think on music would benefit everyone and a little variation would get more people drinking there, included! ;o)

bob   13th August 09
went after it re-opened on a sat, not a fan of house so will give it another go this week.

Adam   13th August 09
Mete...no ones dissing indie music as such..Just sayin that its total overkill if its played all weekend...Got to have a bit variation...Its this sort of route the place went down last time...Pissed up indie kids, bad britpop, same old tunes and the place ended up shutting down. If the management have a good heads on their shoulders they'll understand not everybody likes Oasis, Kasabian and Kings Of Leon.

ZoeG   11th August 09
Hi! Cheers for last night, really glad to see brill tunes havnt heard for ages. p.s. love the space invaders!

mh   11th August 09
few of us came down on Sunday for buskers and couldn't believe how many turned up for it, brilliant work on the local music scene, after all, it all started at Pure and now looks like new ownership is doin a brilliant job but get more bands on!

AlisA   11th August 09
How good was saturday night! Ive never seen a bar in sunderland for a long time with such a good atmosphere like pure and milk club. Prices are good and i danced all night, and will definitely be back next weekend with the girls!

Kellie   11th August 09
Brilliant night in here on Saturday, we stayed all night and managed to get upstairs with Danny Dyer! Awesome, hadn't seen up there yet, defo coming back, keep up being cool pure!

Mete   11th August 09
Dont get why anyones dissing the indie music in pure?? If you dont like indie music, indie bars or indie kids that make the place a mess then go somewhere else surely? Is what they've always done and at the end of the day it works and everyones talking about it and that's what got radio1 and that in there. I say keep up the good work Pure, keep the atmosphere bouncing, we're in here every week now!

Adam J   10th August 09
This bar has always been music orientated..but if you only play indie music on a weekend, you are only gonna get that crowd, who like Michael Robbo said below, made the place such a mess before. And we have noticed that over the last month or so.We come in here most times we are out but have always enjoyed the more housey nights with that big tattooed lad and the other fella.

michael robbo   10th August 09
i agree with you OJ . it looked great when it first re opened and the music was alot better. its nosediving into the dark depths of indie music again and bringing with it the kids that make the place a mess. shame because it looks great inside but how long thats gonna last is anyone's guess.

davey boy   10th August 09
outside seats please, like oslo, great spot but if you looked closed during the day how are people to know you are open during the evening liking the space invaders though

OJ   7th August 09
When it opened I thought this place might be alright, but it's slowly slipping back to how Pure was when it shut.

Jack! Who?   28th July 09
Hey thanks for the good feedback from B.R.A. on Saturday! We had a wicked night too and loved being back in our birthplace. The Milk Club is definitely shaping up to be the hottest, quirkiest club in town with amazing music taking over. The owner was glad to see the place being used properly and keen in creating a new chapter of excellence in the Sunderland scene.

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