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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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kelly   21st April 09
c you all on saturday love this place very fond memories

chris n joanne   21st March 09
we are regulars love the music and the afta shoks gr8 nite b4 we hit the nite club!

kelly   13th March 09
i love reflex love the music in there,staff are great,and cheap drinks

reply to kay!   12th March 09
it shows how much you know kay, cos the management in reflex have not changed at all! the reason that staff probably appeared to not want to be there is because they have to put up with drunk whinging losers all night, all the staff make the most of been there and try to have a laugh but its very hard when customers constantly put the place down! dont like it? dont come in, just amazes me how if you hated it that much youve wasted the time to search for the place on the internet!

glenn   11th March 09
I'm reading thro all these from different bars and it just amazes me how many people out there winge. Do people not think that people within the bar industry work long and silly hours, even a second job to get moaned at by drunken people, who have't got a clue. so what if you had to wait a whole 10 mins to be served, weekends are the main days that keep the bars open so its good that the bars is busy. some bars are a bit pricey but thats life, as you at home they have to cover costs.... same people dont give the staff at bars more credit for what they have to put up with, specially thoes barsopen to 6am.

Kay   9th March 09
I wish the dark haired lad would come back. I only popped in to say a sexy hi to him lol. Get your ass back Michael. You little cutie x

kelly   6th March 09
love this place great music,cheap drink's great staff,wot more could you ask for,for a saturday night out.

kelly   2nd March 09
i disagree with you there kay

Kay   25th February 09
What a total dive this place has become. The new management in reflex now has gone to the pits. I can't believe I wasted 10 minutes of my night in here. Its over priced, over crowded and the staff give the impression they don't want to be there.

tom   20th February 09
anybody know if dave bramley still works on the door tried to get in touch through friends reunited for a catch up

andrew   7th February 09
was in flares bout for year ago and had a dance with a girl called rita, she left before i could get her mobile number, any one no her then tell her i havent forgoten her ok, good looking girl about 48 ish, thanks

Stacey   4th February 09
Sorry to hear you have left Michael. Wish you well for the future.... Hope to see you in for a night out... keep a look out for me x

Lisa   3rd February 09
I was sad to find out that Michael has left, he'll be a great miss, the place won't be the same without him. Good luck Michael for the future x

kelly   31st January 09
micheal has left reflex good luck micheal for the future

kelly   29th January 09
please could anyone tell me if micheal has left with the dark hair havent seen him behind the bar for ages i hope he hasnt left one of the best

Angela   29th January 09
I ain't seen him in ages aswell. I think he must have left. Shame he was a rare breed.

Jane   23rd January 09
Anyone know where Michael has gone with the dark hair. Ain't seem him in ages.... Hope he ain't left, this place won't be the same without him

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