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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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simon   16th May 08
A reply to mark, i think you are giving this place to many points mate, I was in there last weekend and dont think you could rate it in minus points let alone out of 10. I agree with your comment about the doorstaff

Mark   7th May 08
What a dive this place has become.... They think by putting some fancy balloons up will make all the difference... Well I think this place has gone down hill. Door staff are unfriendly, and the Friday night DJ needs to revisit the 80's for some decent tracks. If I was to rate this place, I would give it a 2/10.

ex drinker   6th May 08
used to be in here every night of the week that it was open spent a lot of money in here but now the place isnt worth the effort, door staff are horrible especially the tye's.

kelly   20th April 08
what a fantastic place this is cheap drinks good friendly staff fantastic memories for me so far keep up the good work guys see you on the 26th april

Mark the drunk   8th April 08
Bouncers awesome. Mr tye and co. Gemma 'n' Michael are fantastic-altho ad like a free drink every now and then- and the place awesome. Lovin the older gals! Need the 70's music back for defo' though. Me miss dancin like a prat to grease lightinin'

vikki an lins   4th April 08
we love reflex saturda nyts hoo hoo........ dj andy man as!x

vickie   30th March 08
i love reflex. carrys good lafs and memories mint!

Baz   28th March 08
Bring back the KISS DJ!

barry   27th March 08
can reflex not revert back to good old fashioned flares. music not as good even though i love the eighties bring back the groovy seventies.

carly   24th March 08
Reflex is a 100% fab club i go there every time i go out and me and my mate love it and the dj and bar staff are realy nice people c you all soon

Mark   14th March 08
What has happened too this place?....Friday nights are slow, Saturday nights are just as bad.... Could this be the end to Reflex? Who knows! Some serious work needs to be invested in this bar, as it has become an embarressment.....The only good thing left in this place are the staff, and I feel sorry for them.

kelly   10th March 08
What a great place this friendly staff good music what more could you ask more. Brings back loads of memories tunes from the 80's. Keep up the good work you guys and see you all on the 15th this saturday

Lisa   9th March 08
fab place, great music, the bar staff are brilliant and friendly especially my favourite Michael love the new hairstyle.See you soon keep up the good work :-)

sophie ov burry n/castle   7th March 08
the blu bambu iz amazing love the tunes.x.x.x

mr reflex   22nd February 08
in on weds a bit slow from the start but everything spot on well done micheal and gemma great bar staff top marks guys see you shortley plz plz get a dj on plz get the vibes on c you soon byeee

mr spike the taxi driver   17th February 08
looks likke the place is going a bit downhill now,on a sunday night it was great , but now its crap none of you sunderlans best get in here now ie plan love god johnty copper howie podge ect, these guys were in here 24/7 for years , but not any more. this pubs on the slide, come dont let it go like idols.

REGULAR   16th February 08
The was a good dj on on a fri. Had black and white on his face? good but what on earth was that? is he human or have aliens taken him back to where he came from?

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