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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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mr spike.and tommy hasselhoff   11th February 08
things must be bad, in here on a sunday, theres no dj and they play the same cd over and over, come on guys theres lots of good 80s tunes to play and get a dj will you.

B.I.G   2nd February 08
Wheres that really fit barmaid gone called laura she was well nice unlike da other lasses there shame ha ah well guess she was to good for dat place anyway lol

kelly   1st February 08
hey guys i would just like to say what a fab pub refelx is ive gad some really good night's in there. when it was getting redecorated i was gutted it was shut but it's better than ever. the staff are brilliant and kind. although i think there should be done some work on the girls toilets lol. Keep ou the good work guys see you all on the 9th

pelton fellion   31st January 08
thanks for the keyring its great nd to the lass that took our pics pelton fellion

mitch   29th January 08
in here sat nite with the lasses .had a good nite . music good , bar staff really nice .

pelton fellion   28th January 08
mint best place ive been to from the pelton fell crew loads ov mint tunes got played nd even the bouncers wer sweet

mr dj   27th January 08
in on wed with friends what happened no dj well thatll be the first get one on theres loads of djs in town there is a lad called dave legs hes old school dj plays what you got on computer or cds you should give him a try out one night had a good night anyway keep them comming in reflex it will get better ok bye for now

mr reg   21st January 08
why close early and why there are no doorstaff on please let me know, having a good time then i had to go byeeeee happy days

JON BON JOVI   15th January 08
mr spike.and tommy hasselhoff .....NEW ROMATICS...REALLY.????........Bon Jovi is just fine thanks mr DJ.Keep the good stuff coming!

mr spike.and tommy hasselhoff   11th January 08
me and tommy love it in this bar, the refit is ace but the musics a bit naff stop the bon jovi and play new romantic

mr regular   2nd January 08
in tonight wed good night i enjoyed myself seen all the bar staff were very polite as always mike gemma spot on brill and the rest of staff spot on pity it closed early doors leave open until 2,o clock ok c you soon staff byeee management somewhere else happy daya.

paul j rodgers {podgie}   29th December 07
love the re fit stunningly beautiful, great tunes ,but you need more duran duran ,heaven 17 depeche mode , rather than irene carra.and bon jovi mrs dj.

regular   27th December 07
used to go in on wed nights here only students now how about letting your regulars back in and do a student night another night like monday because i heard from my friends i know its not the same so please mr new management please lets see some regular weds like it was before if you dont like the idiots comming in start a membership card system then its up to you to let them have one or not i hope you give this some thought all the best to mickeal and gem and the rest of the staff c you soon

Foxy Lady   15th December 07
Was in here Friday, fantastic lovin it! What happened to normal Friday nite DJ?

gary howe{BOGIE2}   15th December 07
nice job of the refit me and my pals think its even better now ,what a great pub

80s babe   11th December 07
I was in reflex on Friday and what a place this is! There was some madman dj with black and white make up rockin away. He was class very entertaining. Good music, good bar staff and I thought the doors staff were really quite helpful. Keep it up!x

ikkle woman   9th December 07
well i must say tonight i went along to reflex and would you believe that the dinosaur old door man stopped me coming in saying i wasnt old enough , the thing is he knows how old i am as my boyfriend went around a few months ago who also works the doors and here i am again being shown up by this so called doorman well me thinks this wont happen again as my fella will show him up in public infront of his whole staff then we will see who is tough

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