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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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reflex   4th December 07
reflex is now open sun, mon, wed, thurs, fri and sat. with new music, new decor and new seatin area. also the kiss dj is back. aswell as dancing barmaids so get yourselves down and hav a look its well impressive. x

update   1st December 07
its reflex now and its much better than flares it has seating which is a big bonus

percent   26th November 07
it is getting turned into reflex and is opening on the 28th or 29th november nd i cant wait

charlotte   23rd November 07
Flares is turning into Reflex apparently!

marc   18th November 07
theres only one hottie behind that bar and thats the lovely Gemma sham she aint single though!

Kris   13th November 07
Flares... deff ready for a change! Staff are brilliant but to be fair i think people are sick of hearing the same music over and over now. Theres a hottie behind that bar that dont have to change!

Kyleigh.   13th November 07
This is the place to be, Flares is class, a right laugh., The music is mint. P.s - Hiya Gemma!

lucy :D   29th October 07
And what do you do for a living lexy, i go in here all the time and i would love to hav the energy that barmaid has and she is always up for a laugh and crack on with the customers no matter what. so if you dnt like the place dont go in. simple as that flares is about the barmaids havin a laugh and dancin about as well as servin when ever i hav been served by the lass with the glasses i get the right drink and served quickly maybe its just u.

amy   24th October 07
Flares needs dancing staff like it used to and they need made promotion outfits to to really get the punters in,its good on a sat but on student nights it struggles to bring the young people in.

to joke   23rd October 07
i work there if you dont like it dont come in.

Re: Joke.   23rd October 07
Get a grip mate, if your not happy dont go in.. But you obv dont go in or else you would know how mint this place is, Staff are topper, music is mint.. its a right laugh man. we love it.

customer   22nd October 07
This place maybe boring but the likes of you prats making sly comments make the place what it is today, if you dont like it dont go in....simple as that. Staff are the best in there by a mile, dont no how they put up with the likes of us customers. It's funny JOKE how you ditch the place when you go in and go on the flares site, strange.

to Joke   22nd October 07
Ha! i so agree with ya mate, its so flippin boring and needs cheerin up this place like! if they had better people then maybe it would be a better place!

joke   21st October 07
this end of the town is dead anyway.... this bar is very borning... needs a good fefurb, needs good staff, and also in need of a new manager!

lexy   19th October 07
was in here on thurs was really dead and the barmaid with the glasses and red hair is nutts andso slow get rid she gives the place a bad rep shes more interested in acting like a complete prat then serving customers what an idiot!

i love flares   3rd October 07
As far as i know the seating is going to be partly in the curently unused cloak room space. Its going to be really nice when its all done out. I think they might be expanding the music they're playing to. Probably going into 80's and cheese as well as the 70's stuff. It will all be done really quick so you shouldnt miss out to much x

vicky   1st October 07
Yes you are right (i love flares) the doorstaff are there to stop fights but they should also be there to stop people getting groped off anyone let alone refugees! There is a different between getting chatted up and groped!

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