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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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Percent   30th September 07
So when its been refurbished is it going to be really small? if they are having seating as well it gets packed on a saturday you can hardly move let alone dancem, as i know cos i am in every week, so whats it going to be like when they have seating? i hope its not closed for long, im in there every sat so cant be doing with not going to flares on a sat night, the door staff are lovely apart from the to old ones they can be a bit grumpy sometimes but apart from that, its great!

i love flares!   30th September 07
Flares is undergoing some refurbishment in the next month, it shouldnt take very long, its finally getting some seating! and its going to be much better. vicky the doorstaff are fab so shut ya face, theyre there to stop fights not to tell guys not to chat you up !

vicky   29th September 07
I hope it is getting closed down coz its terrible, loads of refugees in there the last time i was in trying to grope me all night! Door staff done nothing when I told them. I would advise anyone against using the loos in here as well!

Claire   21st September 07
Yeah the staff are friendly Steph and the management in Flares are very friendly, and fun to flirt with. I loved last Saturday, DJ was wicked and all staff were fantastic, I'll be seeing my special barman on Sat (please be working) look out for the crazy girl, you know my drink, Mr!

Mrs Unhappy   21st September 07
The guy I'm referring to has moved downstairs to the Derry, and doing an extremely good job.... Keep up the good work!

davina   19th September 07
i konw that luke the good barmaid, i am referring to this the one with red hair and glasses she was havin a great time in flares on last thurs she was well funny.

Luke   18th September 07
Davina, loz is talking about the barmaid and barman who are going out together the girls got long hair, there fab always happy and give such a great service, best bar people in the town by far.

davina   17th September 07
hey mrs unhappy just wonderin which good lookin guy you are on about with blonde hair and stuble. oh by the way loz the barmaid in question you are refering to is a good barmaid but you probs caught her on a bad day, i know this cos on thurs she was toppa dancin round havin a laugh with customers in flares gear aint seen anyone do that in ages.

steph   17th September 07
was in flares on sat, the lass on the door where ya pay ya money was toppa like was eagar to hav a bit crac on with the customers as they came in. all the staff were great like esp the manager person he was dead happy place has improved lately over the past couple of weeks.

Mrs Unhappy   13th September 07
Who is the new Assistant Manager / Manager in Flares on Wednesday. He looked so stressed I thought he was going to cry. Haven't been out in Flares for ages, and miss the small good looking guy, with blonde hair and stuble.

loz   12th September 07
david you must be having a laugh, the barstaff in flares are always happy and polite, especially the couple there, great the only one who is miserable is the one with the red hair and glasses, she looks like a nutta

Luke   10th September 07
Flares staff are fab, dont no how they put up with some of the people who get in there. Probably thats why there miserable david! Your saying the total opisit, the girl with the redish hair is the only one who is miserable. Friday is the worst night by far, part from the music saturday is the best night.

Mr X   10th September 07
I think the staff you are referring to as Meatloaf is called Katie? or something, and what a cracker she isn't. She is miserable and very slow compared to all the other members of staff in flares.

Mr Happy   10th September 07
What has happened to this place over the past few weeks? Friday night was completely empty.

david   9th September 07
Where has that barmaid gone with the redish hair ? havent seen her in ages, she was toppa. recently the staff all look miserable whats going on ?

JIMBO   6th September 07
I was in Flares last month and will never go to this place again. The toilets stink and could do with a good scrub or replacing! My Girlfriend cut her foot on broken glass which was all over the (sticky) floor and when I complained to the barman he just totally ignored me! Door staff were miserable as well!

barrbaz for you mate   6th September 07
Well its nice to see such a fine appreciation and proffesional courtesy for one of the longest serving and most experienced doormen you will ever meet in your life barrbaz. As a manger he controls his staff from the most prominent position allowing his years of experience to control and deal with all situations. Obviously im sure that your intelligence, experience, knowledge, customer service, customer knowledge, crowd controll experience, management and supervisory training skills would make you a better person! Hes probably forgot more than you will ever learn and no doubt to make such a disrespectful comment to a fellow colleague shows your entire lack of intelligence! As for letting 17 yr olds in - U havent???? Yeah rite!

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