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287 High Street West, SR1 3ES. Tel: 0191 514 6931

Photo of ReflexPreviously Flairs, 80's themed bar above Londonderry, large open room with a small bar and a raised stage area.
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mr plop   5th September 07
whos the barmaid that looks like meatloaf, shes lush

staff   5th September 07
that doorman you are refering to barrbaz is a great doorman and if ever a situation occurs in flares he will be there as well as the rest of the door staff. all the doorstaff are good.

barrbaz   4th September 07
I have been working the doors through newcastle and I know that if a situation occurred where would he be? (at the front door waiting). He must be a really good doorman if you were getting in when you were 17! must be going blind in his old age!

alan   4th September 07
the older man on the doors has been working here years! i have been going in Flares since i was 17 LOL and he was there then! am 22 now so where have you been barrbaz?

barrbaz   1st September 07
where have all the good doorstaff gone? Been in and cant believe there is a man of 70 on the door!

ex staff   27th August 07
to amy - i only know one barmaid who you could be talking about and she's anything but ignorant, either you've had one too many cheeky vimto's or you've caught her when she was busy, all the staff are great. as for the small dance floor - your in flares; its all one big dancefloor anyway!

Gemma   27th August 07
Hellish night out! went there for bank holiday and the Dj was hellish, he cracked on so much and was much betta than the other dj, he should be on all the time! He give me a guitar too :d lol, which did make me have to take sum hammer later in the night.... but we wont go into that!. The best nightclub in sunderland!

amy   24th August 07
great music but shame about the size of the dance floor and the ignorant blonde barmaid!

Kelly   22nd August 07
Hey Nick you are right about thursdays, reason i havent been in for ages! I love sat nights, top music and top staff my favourite barman cut his long hair off but looks even more gorgeous. The doorman are very friendly and all in all a great place to go! Big shout out to lucy, love you chick x

DERECK HAYMAN the all saints super star   10th August 07
yeh love all you german girls that get in this great bar on a sunday rock on and dance.

Nick   9th August 07
sat nights in here are great, bar staff are fantastic and dj plays agreat range of 70s music not like a thurs night the dj played the same cheesy songs over and over again and the bar staff aint as good as a sat either really miserable and slow! wont go back on a thurs but certainly will be there on sat nights

jagger   7th August 07
watch out girls, ill be in town on fri and sat! look out for me, 6ft tall, short dark hair, northern accent. Lookin for a nice women to entertain for the wkend. It will be the best two mins of your life!

newbies to sunderland   3rd August 07
completely agree with the comments about the girl dressed as snow white - how hot was she! and her mate supergirl / wonderwoman was not bad either - everyone be cool !

Basil (Barry Foster)   30th July 07
Yes i am now a flair bear, this gaff is great love the music of the70s that they play in flairs, its a great place to boogie on down, just love all you older girls see you all next weekend.

DERICK HAYMAN   21st July 07
hope you all have a great week end in this top pub i am off danceing in france so ill see you all on the dance floor,next week end

Odin   17th July 07
Great place and a wicked night out, got one of them keyrings too, what a laugh lookin at it in the morning! lol, Keep up the good work photo girlies! x

DERECK HAYMAN the all saints super star   13th July 07
great night on sunday see you all there this weekend

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