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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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Sarah   28th October 09
where is the afro guy who works upstairs?x

customer   18th October 09
yes you can hire there function room for parties hannah, they dont even ask for money as long as you pay a deposit (you get back any time of the night) and as long as you guarantee people will arrive usually they are happy with 15 so people are buying drinks lol had a couple of mint parties in there its crackin

M   11th October 09
Beards are frowned upon in here. I'd rather have a rash than go to Rush. Cheap like..

brogan   28th September 09
rush is propper bouncin

hannah   27th September 09
can you hire their function room for parties?

Louise   31st August 09
Loving the new Thursday nights - the DJ plays rock music as well as dance, but its rock and indie music most students have actually heard off and can listen too, luckily its not just heavy screamo stuff that people can't really dance too! A good variety throughout the night!

rose   25th August 09
i was in there last night and it was mint and proper packed out! the music was great and the drinks were cheap! soo good

Rach   17th August 09
BEST CLUB EVER love rushhh :) its a really good night in there cheap drinks and good music what could beat that ;) x

bob   13th August 09
never really noticed the colour scheme, go usually for the terrace and good prices.

Grant   10th August 09
Re Neil, the deco mustnt be causing that much of a problem with getting customers in, as the bar is always mega busy! The deco is fine. You can hardly see colour schemes etc, as the bar is totally jammed with people.Its a funky and trendy and most importntly BUSY bar, so thats the makings of a winner, in my eyes.

Neil   3rd August 09
Good Bar. Good staff. The deco in here is shocking. When you go to the likes of Gatsby's, Arizona and other newer busier bars, this bar just looks dated. I havent seen any other bars painted pink and red deck chair stripes. Its a very dated look, and needs decorating.

Ben   30th July 09
Dean, you are talking about Lorraine. She doesnt work there,and I agree, she is out of this world! As well as just being a really lovely girl.Lozza, you owe me a free drink! Only one complaint, I wish the bar was bigger I can never get a seat on the terrace to enjoy a cheeky cig.

Satisfied Customer   26th July 09
Agree with most of the comments. However, Dj Chris, should lighten up a little and take what Dean had to say as all positive towards him and the bar. The pub is one of the busiest in the town, the proof is in the pudding! Keep up the good work all staff.

Dean   24th July 09
Cheers man. The girl is amazing, stunning. Give her a job, man! Defo bring the lads in.

dj chris ramsay..   23rd July 09
Ah mate that would of been one of the staffs girlfriend! nothin to do with the entertainments side mate! so sadly your stuck with me! skip

Ems   23rd July 09
Whoops! Sorry. Yeah, like I said, Im sure its her,know her from Uni and she hasnt changed a bit. Keep grooving Rush Bar!

Dean   22nd July 09
Hey Dj Chris, Like i said, Im in often and you always play belta tunes, but on Saturday me and the lads clocked a tall, brunette behind the DJ stand with you? Proper stunning and we thought you and her were teaming up, mate.Only saw here for 5 mins as we had to leave. Tall girl, long dark hair, overall best looking chick kicking about....dont really know how else I can describe her! Cheers mate.

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