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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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dj chris ramsay..   21st July 09
female DJ? i dont recall a female dj in there workin with me on saturday? i was there from 8 till 4... and am there every saturday? and as for me not shutting up? what pub with a DJ do you go in where the DJ dont talk? Hope the rest of you enjoy Rush.. Great Management, Great Staff. Great Crowds! overall great atmoshphere made by you! thankyou. skipx

Dean   20th July 09
In on Saturday, class bar. Got served pretty much straight away, good bar staff. Me and my mates were loving the male and female DJ combo. Good move from the management. The DJ has always been great but having a super fit and drop dead gorgeous female side kick is a wicked idea. Dont know if it is a regular saturday thing though, as had to leave just as she appeared behind the decks Excellent finishing touch to a great bar.

Lucy   6th July 09
John's right get a new dj he never shuts up let the music play. try else where bf is a dj aswell think's its crap we are drinking in savannah ( DJ on saturday's is class )

big bang   3rd July 09
people need to chill all djs are the same they have a laugh and it gives the bar a relaxed feel plus its not as if any one makes you go in there you all have a choice ....and way its a amazin place to be couldnt fault it .....

sarah   3rd July 09
Music is normally good in here, i would recommend this place to anyone.. x

re:john   24th June 09
you right there 3 times now he has been rude over the mic or been dirty with the bar staff that's why me and my wife don't go in

Re John   12th June 09
Give the DJ a break, its obvious to see he's only a novice. He's got a few years ahead of him. He'll do well in time!

John   10th June 09
Was in here a few week's back does the dj ever take a breath lmao learn to speak at the right times.

Re Matt   7th June 09
Comments like yours shouldnt go on here - its about the bar - not getting messages to people you fancy! This site is about the bar which is going from strength to strength - apart from the crowd seems to be getting younger and younger - what going on there? So Matt, just to refresh - they definetely havent parted company, so less your cheek!

Matthew   6th June 09
Come on man, Lozza! I have no other way of getting in touch with you, dont have your mobile anymore, and the last time I saw you was at the bar! Remind me of when your birthday is too, hunni. Laters. x

Matt   24th May 09
I like this bar. The music is great and has a really good mix. Been reading some of the comments, as a friend of those been discussed, I feel I must show my loyalty. The owner , Colin, does have a partner, or (fingers crossed) have they parted company! ha ha, only joking, lady, you know Im talking about you, me and the Uni lads used to love our catch up with you and talking about the good old days - yet you never seem to play out anymore - boo! Get in touch, and lets all meet up, gorgeous.x x x

Re Mich   7th May 09
Mich, the owner does have a partner - you should be really careful what you are saying - you could cause a lot of trouble by putting lies like that on here!

amanda   1st May 09
a ha ha ha ha skippy youre sh*t! nah man just been checkin the comments out people get so wound up dont they? i would comment on ya music but it wouldn really be fair coz wen i worked there i requested all the songs and since i have been a customer am too fooked to even no whats on hee hee! that place will never be as good as when i was there... but what you expect? brilliant place still love yas all, see ya on sun...4 our game of hide and seek eh chris? hee hee

sammie   18th April 09
rush is ace! drinks are kinds cheap too. and me mates love the pole ha ha

Re- Mich   17th April 09
The Owner Colin has a lovely partner... Some comments are genuine? is yours?

mich   15th April 09
One of the best bars in Sunderland and always mega busy. Read some of the comments, agree with the staff being too flirty with customers, but its just a laugh.I know the owner, and Im pretty sure he doesnt have a partner? Well, he doesnt mention it to me and my friends when he is wooing and charming the pants off us - ha ha! Sometimes, I dont think these comments are genuine.

Matt   7th April 09
Bar is going from strength to strength.

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