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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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re: mel   7th April 09
"amazing"? - music is a bit naff. You in the right place?

mel   5th April 09
this bar is amazin in every way love the staff in this place top notch and if i say good dancers ha ha and the comments about them kissin people you ever think that there just freind..there kissin like a peck..a lot of people seem to go over the top wit things like this sayin there snoggin i say would be hard cause the bar is busy and the staff have no time to spare.

Old Timer   3rd April 09
Dont get out much, but had a really good night the last time I was here. Good atmosphere, nice mix of music, quick service and friendly door staff. Great to see my old mate, Colin doing so well and it was a pleasure to meet his "stunningly beautiful" partner. How do you do it, Col..lol!? All the best to you and your family, mate Thanks for your hospitality.

ken   26th March 09
Will you play some bewitched or the macarena when i come in. ha ha just kiddin.

to Mal   22nd March 09
Crikey, is your full stop and comma keys on your keyboard broken? I could barely read your post.

mal   21st March 09
regards to james and lucy is bar staff not allowed to have a laugh with the customers like thats what you call customer relations or you are cheesed off because you did not get any attention get over it and have some fun for once don t be a stiff shirt don t stand around like a tin of milk have some fun for once it s easy you know thats what you go out for drink and a laugh staff are allowed you know as they do thier jobs serving customers otherwise you would not go in the place go some where else like brogans or luma or tonic ok well regarding the other night about 5 of us were in deep conversation when a bloke came up and started arguing with us for no reason tried to pick a fight with us when the little guy glass collector took him buy the back of his collar and frog marched him out poor guy had his hand full of glasses but he got that guy out well done, management give the guy a pat on the pack ftom the guys he was a great help thank you we will buy him a pint when we come back in ok thanks again for a fantastic night dj skippy spot on well done

James   20th March 09
Lucy , you are spot on. Me and the lads have a laugh over this often. The staff arent very picky over which punters they choose to pull , if you know what I mean?! It is a good bar but the the staff need to just get over themselves.

Lucy   17th March 09
Was in a few months ago, shortly after xmas, and Ive gotta say that I didnt enjoy it that much. Music was fab, good overall pub atmosphere...but the staff!?! This bar would have much better customer service if the staff werent either a) all over each other and having childish banter and b) flirting with customers until they end up snogging and groping them around the bar area! Hey, Im a paying customer, and its good to see fun amongst staff having a laugh with each other and the customers but I really think that these guys take it too far. Its a little tacky and basically a bit naff! Its a shame...other than that, like I said, the bar is fine, one of the best in the town. Bottom line....came in with a bunch of girls for a night out, enjoyed bar....then saw staff snogging customers...not the bestest image to be fair.

DJ Craig   6th March 09
Hey Skippy, keep up the good tunes man....loving it

re:jane   2nd March 09
im also a dj in town myself and all i can to say to that one is really do ya think that everyone in one establishment at one given time all have same music tastes eh? nope certainly not its called variety my dear cater for the crowd not just yaself or a certain bunch! thats half the trouble with some bars now they aint got variety in music policies! and i dare bet ya still enjoy yaself whilst in there and to be quite frank there aint many people who notice wat tunes are on if they are enjoying themselves!

ejay   21st February 09
good move on the new doormen, absoulte belters they are toppa lads. they actually talk lol

re:rush   19th February 09
well done for having TJ on tuesday what a good night, nice clean pub good bar staff and good dj keep up the good work

Carter   19th February 09
It's a bar to have a fun (you remember how to have some?) party night out. Do some of you walk round town with notebooks and score cards? Get over yourselves, people, just have a bloody good time like I always do in here! Keep it up Lads.

re:jane   18th February 09
this is not a site to bitch on its to let ya no whats going on and are you a dj one thing yous all do on this site is tell djs how to do there jobs when you not got a clue about djing you dont have to build the crowd up then down its not in the rule book is it and how can you guess what song is comming on next till its played even i cant do that when am out drinking i really think yous need to get out more i go in rush all the time and its all ways a good crowd and music

Jane   17th February 09
I agrre with retro head and alfie you've just sed in your commet "the way I program" - you dont. I've been in there a couple of times. Your supposed to build the crowd up and take them down - not throw them all over the place. You dont know whats going to come on next (Constuctive criticism). Im shocked that you've been djing for 8 years though but there's always room for improvement - best of luck XXX

skippy   13th February 09
thanks for the comments below... as for Alfie saying i have just started out. i have been DJing for 8 years and never had any problems... at the end of the day it was two songs... get over it! people were dancing. at the end of the day that is what counts not people coming on here and going on about a certain song. i don't mind criticism because i cant please everybody but if you want pleasing and don't like the songs and how i mixed it or with what mix i mixed it with... become a DJ yourself and then criticize me. sunderland is not Leeds, Newcastle, its sunderland and the way i PROGRAM my night works rush really well! there only songs at the end of the day. people must have nothing to do to come on here to go on about a song that was played! you cant be enjoying your night out to remember that but to just find falts! in my eyed thats not a night out..

retro hed   13th February 09
re:alfie..class and honest comment, both towards dj craig and the resident for rush... the poor amount of up and coming wanna be's who god knows how they get these positions as dj's put the sometime less known but better skilled to shame. The resident off rush(and no dissrespect to him through any comment made here) has in the lenght of time built up is followin through this bar,so i suppose trys to please all that grace this place,but i so got to agree with alfie on the point of mixing venga boys with beyonce? if any true dj is knowlegable in his music then truely he should be knowlegable in findin the right remix to mix in without losing the punter cause he not got the right track... its not hard these days as there so many remixes out there to help.... program the music right and the program to a good susseful night well entail....peace

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