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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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alfie   13th February 09
You have mentioned that this skippy lad is the one of the best dj's in sunderland. You call yourself a dj (craig) you need a head check son. I've been a punter around a lot of bars and listened to a lot of dj's in sunderland newcastle and leeds as part of my large weekend and can honestly say that the dj in rush does not program his music, therefore inexperienced. Im standing in there biting my tongue listening to vengaboys then he tries to' mix it with beyonce? My instant reaction was 'eh, these to songs dont go together at all'. I dont know if this dj is new to all of this but obviously still has a lot to learn (no disrespect) - Im only asuming that he is just starting out. A good little bar but if you stuck him in somewhere like the spider he'd empty it.

re:dj craig q   30th January 09
you right there mate at the end of the day they should try and do his job it is 24/7 just cos hes not at work they should see how much time and hard graft he puts in at home but then again in a year there has only been 3 bad things said not bad for a desperate dj as it is put why dont they just go and see the dj in all the pubs and say what they think rather then bitch on here and all the other pubs i just see it as a sad life

DJ Craig   30th January 09
haha every time i go on here sum 1 is always having a go at the music skippy plays.....well guess what folks skippy is one of the best dj's in sunderland for the simple fact that he actully has a regular crowd...i.e. they enjoy what he does so they come back. "me being one of them and am a DJ my self so i can see how much ov a good job he is doing" keep up the good work skippy, dont listen to the sad people who try and complain....they just have no taste haha. see you soon bud i will be popin in as usual to get me double jack D

re:frenchi   29th January 09
you on about the gossip going around that it is a cheesy bar well the gossip must be good cos its a really busy bar take a look at how busy it is on a Saturday night i always have a good night in rush and so does all the other desperate people as you put it

skippy   29th January 09
well for the comment below... no we are not desperate its just requests that i get in. In future ill not play party music then we will see how many complaints i get for not playing them,,, at the end of the day i try cater for everyone... there is plenty of bars in sunderland playing dance music after two and i am giving an alternitive... we are not a cheese bar i just cater for everyone and i have my regular crowds... if you want to listen to dance then go to a bar that plays dance... its simple...

Re: Frenchi   29th January 09
You are obviously not cultured. I stood in rush on saturday night to find my myself listening to the same music I heard at a wedding reception down the at my social club to weeks ago. Gossip that this has turned into a cheesy bar is deafning. I respect the dj for having the courage to play awful party tunes for certain people but he must obviously know he will not gain respect himself if he continues to play shabby party music. I have seen comments below stating that you play cheesing party music such as the 'macarena' after 2pm. Are you that desparate?

Frenchii   26th January 09
WOW! Rush is the best ever! I'm in there all the time. The barmen aint too shabby either! HAHA. Well doent o all the staff there who make it such a good night out and one to remember! Keep it real! :)

Re: Friendly Opposition   26th January 09
There was loads of places of places that were mega busy on saturday night dont know where you were looking.

friendly opposition   19th January 09
hats off to your management team, on sat our bar was pretty quiet so had a dodge around the rest of the town, everywhere the same except for rush, it was packed, i was watching the bar (sad, i know) but nice to see plenty of bar staff quickly serving the customers, realy friendly door staff well done, customer care at its best, its not hard to see why your so busy.

jeff   18th January 09
never before have i known a dj to make people dance so much! the energy in a bar that size is immense, the crowd love it and the bar staff had such a good tym it made customers feel more welcome i personally think compared to everywhere else where its as if they feel like its their job description to be miserable and so would many other customers i see returning to this bar. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

hiya   17th January 09
what a great bar really good music cheap drinks will defo be back in keep up the good work

jonesy   16th January 09
ere this bars proper mint like, can have it's really crap days like anywhere tho. Gotta say, the blond lass the old bouncer was with was the best lookin lass I've eva seen! Fit as!

Filly   16th January 09
Nice place, Not the biggest pad, tunes could have been better, but reading up on the situation on hea, a know why! Nice friendly lads on the door, barman was nice. Good place to be.

DJ Craig   13th January 09
Not being horrible to any one really.. but you cant say that skippy is a bad DJ, for the simple fact every time hes on the decks the crowd is always loving the music and the atmosphere he creates. CRACK ON SKIPPY UR GREAT!

skippy   9th January 09
well that's were your wrong. I have a crowd on a Saturday that ask for that stuff (Cheese) and the reason we do this is because no other bar in sunder land play that sort of stuff that time of night... yes the marcarina is a pop song but people can still dance to it! At the end of the day I have a real good crowd in Rush and I play what they ask for! that's what has made this place grow so strong! I'm not saying don't come into the bar but if you don't like the music come ask me for a request you want. instead of coming on here and going on about the macarina! its a song! people have different tastes and i cater for that! that's what been a DJ is all about!

re:terrible   7th January 09
you say the last straw was when macarena was played and you walked out where if you look at what skippy has put it was the last song of the night so you must of been in there all night and would have to leave cos it was shuting

re:becca   7th January 09
have you lot got nowt else to do then bitch over a song if you dont like the place dont go in it.and how do you no that no one asked for macarena when you where not there the dj is one of the best in town just take a look at the last year and all the good comments left on here if you have a problem with the music go in and see the dj then bitch about it better still when you become a dj then you can say what music works in the town!

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