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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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Re skippy   6th January 09
Im a little lost - you've just said that Rush is a dance bar however the macarena is not classed as dance music but pop. You say that you listen to your crowd. For some reason I cant see everyone crying out for the macarena? I were there I would have walked out aswell.

skippy...   5th January 09
on a Saturday after 2am we play that sort of stuff... and as for Saturday the macarena was the last song. I make sure i cater for everyone. and as far as i remember no one walked out... a lot of them were dancing. At the end of the day Rush is a dance bar so i do exactly that. I listen to the crowds and play what the crowds want not what i want to play... I am sorry if you don't like that music. But i have played it since i become the DJ there in October 2007.. and the place has went from strength to strength

Becca   5th January 09
What the hell is the DJ playing at - phil collins, macarena ... what next bewitched and the cheeky girls. SORT YOUR HEAD OUT!

Terrible   5th January 09
I went in here on saturday - the music was horrid. The last straw was having to listen to the macarena. I was one of the many who walked out.

Ejay   3rd January 09
One of the best in town, always buzzing atmoshpere, door men go out of there way to help you :) ... absoulte class nights in there !

DJ Craig   30th December 08
Theres been a change of plan i wont be doin rush, i will be else where lol. see you around :P

DJ Craig   28th December 08
Areeeet peoples. am DJin in rush this friday....i will try me bst to keep up the tunes :P xmwahx ... BRING ON THE DANCE MUSIC!

rachel   23rd December 08
the old bouncer is a pure nobhead i lost my phone the other night and wanted to go back in to ask about it at the bar and he was pushing me and my friend back out when we were trying to get back in.

Sunderland re-visitor   22nd December 08
Thought I'd go in this bar seeing as I was back visiting home. I like this bar. Can't believe how many girls the owner gets! Can I be a partner with your bar please lol.

lula   14th December 08
I agree with DJ Craig there! the atmosphere in here is immence! the dj in there makes sure his crowds are dancin! mint choice of tunage! nice one mr dj

DJ Craig   13th December 08
I love this bar, really good atmosphere...music is crackin always a tune i can dance to.. keep up the good work lads

Mike   27th November 08
small bar although I was annoyed on Monday night -the bouncer would'nt let me and my 3 friends in, granted the other to look like they are younger, but they all had ID were not pissed, and I was the sober one for the night. When I asked why, or if it was a question of ID he began getting very angry and I suspected an outburst of physical violence. Yet he let others in. I was not happy.

dj bex   21st November 08
crackin bar, crackin music, great to see a dj with the confidence to mix anything ie venga boys vs guru josh, should not work but does, would love his audience, trendy, sexy, appreciative, on top of that, a model looking barman, voluptuos barmaids and a ubber cool owner, rush you have it so so right ! x

scuba steve!   19th November 08
love this place, never have a night out where i dont pop in. managements great, staff are great, atmostpheres great. keep up the good work pete

Skippy...   11th November 08
Ashleigh Peter is the manager at Rush and does a great job! for you saying he has an attitude problem! I dont think he does! It is appropriate to tell your staff off that haven done a job but the only night i can recall that he was shall we say stressed was the darby match. It was unpredictable how busy the bar was gonna be and we were very busy! from half six until four and no one prepaired for that. All i can say is Rush is a great place to work for and The owner and Manager has such a laugh with you! the staff are by far the best you can get and the crowds we get in make Rush Amazing! We will see you all soon! Chris

pete   10th November 08
little 'podgy' bar man ashleigh i am the manager and as my staff enjoy workin there and most of my customers hav a laugh and enjoy the bar i would say you must hav caught me on a bad day or having to tell one of the staff something that i may hav already told them to do but if you hav a problem with the way i run this bar by all means feel welcome to come and disscuss it with mw i will always listen to anyones opinion and try not to offend anyone i apoligise if i have done that and for you i will also try to lose some weight ! hope you do come and see me and disscuss this matter to my face, thanks guys for makin rush what it is, pete x

Ashleigh   5th November 08
Love this place, little 'podgy' bar man bit arrogant and rude but apart from him, the rest of the staff are really friendly and polite. Keep up the good work and Mr Podgy - go and get some manners please, there was no need for you to speak to people the way you did last weekend and that was not to the public either!

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