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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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DJ Craig   28th October 08
I was not slagging of other DJ's i was mearly giving constructive critisim..... now you clearly havent read what i said because i actully complimented DJ Paul on his music selection. he sent a message back telling me he dosnt use a virtual DJ, so i repect that. i did not mean to offend any one at all so if need be i will retact my comment which i made,

Re: Dj Craig   24th October 08
thats why you still working in kulas bar and slaging all the other djs of thats a bit of a bad move really like

DJ Craig   23rd October 08
Hey this was the guy who done fridray. if you didnt like it that is totally your opinion. thanks eddie for the comment, but to the other two. the music i played was a big hit with people i know who were in the bar. i know this as i work in kulas and i have been getting asked if i would ever be back in rush and also telling me that they enjoyed it.... bearing in mind it is now the 23rd of october and am still getting asked.

Kelsie   17th October 08
I agree with 'Twins', whoever the DJ was in Friday 3rd October was awful, didnt have a clue. Skippy is by far the best - we love ya DJ Skippy (sorry, dont know your real name).

Twins   6th October 08
Go away eddie cant beat the dj that has been there for ages he just knows what to do and what music to play to keep out jumpin takes us back years makes us feel like kids again

eddie   4th October 08
in on friday nite, new dj in was pretty good, wonder if he'll be back in any time?

RE:- Phil   1st October 08
Just go down and see Peter one night, the best night is a saturday night as that is the night we open earlier, if you cant make it we are open every night so just pop down mate...

Phil   1st October 08
Hi guys! my names phil, am a REALLY REALLY big fan of rush! even so much, i wanna hold a function in your very nice room upstairs lol! could somebody who works there, please let me know how id go about doing it!?... am loookin at the 1st november//(saturday night).. thanks guys!

Re:- lisa dempster   26th September 08
The best time is to come down on a night as its only open on a night time, try a Saturday about 7pm because other nights we open later.

lisa dempster   24th September 08
Does anyone no how to book a function here as I have been down and it was shut i have rang twice and left a message but got no reply.

koolio   21st September 08
bar starting to get back to its best since the legend that is mr murray is back at the helm. keep up the good work pete.

Big Fella   16th September 08
Alreet Col. Was in bar on Saturday - loved it. Great buzz, good music and the company up on the terrace was great. Read some of the messages left on here...and re: your fiancee... wow! Miss Sunderland! You do alright for yourself, mate. You make a great couple. Seriously, love the saturday crowd, and its a massive bonus when in the company of your missus! Good on you, your bar is one of the busiest in town, going from strength to strength, and its great to see you doing well. You deserve it mate. See you next time.

RE Loopy loo!!!   15th September 08
this place really upt the anty! this place playd dance muzic all night long and nuw has changd for the betta! How cheezy can you get? dj in rush plays hiz set wit Style! bril nite out! See you this weeknd

Soon to be Mrs Sexton   15th September 08
Hi Steph, No need to say thanks, and pleased you ware ok! Im pleased you are enjoying Rush. It has such a good atmosphere, and my bloke, Colin and all the staff are doing really well! Hope to see you again soon.

Steph   14th September 08
Went to Rush a few Saturdays ago, met to lovely very pretty lasses, one is engaged to Colin the owner - tall with dark hair, I was on the terrace, not feeling very well and they kindly looked after me, got me some water and rang a taxi. Thanks girls - hope you see this, didnt know how else to get my thanks to you. One problem though, bit too hot downstairs and felt as though there was quite a few young ones in. Def be going back though, for the atmosphere upstairs. Far better than when it was Berlins - well done Colin and staff.

loopy lou   12th September 08
tel you what tthis pub has really upt its anty. i used to hate it remeber when a used to walk straight past coz thr was never ne 1 in . wel its a absolute belter now . top tunes , great bar staf, packed every time av been in . x

Danne   4th September 08
i agree with leigh monday night here is mint! the bar staff are spot on the girl with the curly hair one word... mad! and the lad upstairs fit as owt! and not to forget bout the dj! hummmm!

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