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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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Leigh   9th August 08
Ive been here a few times on a monday night and is fantastic. Music is great and the atmosphere is just unbelieveable! the door staff are friendly and have a good crack on with ya. the roof terrace is cool, the bar staff are full energy and the dj is mental! i mean steps and bewitched but hey we hated them at school but we love them now! drinks are cheap! lookin forward to bankholiday cos i will be in! love rush its my favourate bar around! see you monday. leigh

Rain   5th August 08
Where`s Big Les Gone?

RE railings   23rd June 08
the string on the railings are not to keep the railings up! the cover that keeps the rain off you is broke so its been held down by the rope. I assure you if the railings are unsafe we would not open the terrace! there is nothing wrong with our terrace and hope you like it now since the wood has been took down to create the more open feel!

scary   23rd June 08
the string on the railings in here doesnt look too safe, looks like the balcony railings are going to fall off!

Bev Robinson   19th June 08
Top pub with friendly and helpful staff. A good meeting place. The owner is really dishy too, so good eye candy as a bonus. Am in Afhganistan at the moment and cant wait for my leave to have a few drinks there.

Lisa   16th June 08
yeah rush is great is a great place to go every nite of the week. it is a shame it is not open day times. every nite you go in this place the music is different but that is a good thing as all the other bars obviously set a play list and play it. the bar staff are great always look happy. rush keep it going!

ejay   14th June 08
rush is a mint club, great place to start, wkd music, the doorstaff are absoulte legends, always dead nice to me :) and the lad who works bhind the bar with dark spikey hair is gawjuss

bank holiday   30th May 08
Was in here over the bank holiday weekend and i loved it i went around the town and ended up in here and glad i did the music in here is mint he plays everything. i very rarely go in here only went in once when it was berlins but sinse i went in on bank holiday its a great alternitive from glass spider. ill deffo be back in here after work

DJ   15th May 08
Over the past and next few days Rush is having a coat of paint to brighten it up. Next week is the second bank holiday this month. So if we dont see you before we will see you then! Laterz

yoo hoo   14th May 08
hey guys, hope yas are all well! wish i could say i would see ya's bank hol sun but i wont coz im going to TENERIEFE on tues woop woop! hee hee miss yas all take care xthe original boss x hee hee hee

DJ Chris   8th May 08
Thankyou all from Colin and the staff (and of course me) for making the bank holiday absolutly mental! atmosphere in here was bril! lloking forward to the next bank holiday in just three weeks! If you got your photos took the past couple of weeks well they will be on the screens from tonight! (thursday) well Ill see yas soon! laterz

RE:- Jamie   24th April 08
The hottie you will be on abot mate is Amanda! she has left and got another job she wanted to do! she will be back in so until you see her yeah you keep drinking them trebles! in a pint! see yas all soon!

jamie   23rd April 08
where has the hottie from behind the bar gone? she was in practically every night, long dark hair, fab body, stunning face! had tattoos and piercings! i can not believe this i go away for a few weeks and come back and she not there! could any1 tell me where she has gone pls? OR just get her back! this is still a superb bar, but i miss my tottie! my life is ruined! i best start drinking 3 trebles in a pint to overcome my loss! laterz peepz

DJ   22nd April 08
Ya alright people! thanks from all the staff for all the mint comments on here! Looking forward to next weekend which is bank holiday! Mondays in here have taken off! although the music am getting requested is cheesy we played them and they worked! And as for Amanda saying she would be popping in now and again! i have only seen ya once! suppose ya will be in on Bank holiday sunday! and also got to say good luck to Christine who left on Saturday! we have some new staff starting this week so bank holiday we will have plenty of staff! See yous all very soon! Laterz

Joanne   20th April 08
love it in here! hahaha was here the 19th april, was wearin a blue dress and i fell over on my way to the toilets, so if your the lad that helped me up i wanna say THANKS!

Claire   14th April 08
Haha thanks amanda ahh you know wen you said if i need a hand then just give you a call i forgot to tell you that i need you bank hol sun!.............. lol only joking x

woop woop   13th April 08
look out ill be in here bank hol sun.... beginning of may...1st one in bout 3 and a half yrs! i am back in the building... move over hairy clairy hee hee. x amanda x

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