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Vine Place.

Photo of RushOpened late Summer 2002 as Berlins, then renamed Rush in 2006. A small but cosy bar with a good selection of drinks. Random patterns are projected onto the blank walls giving a spaced-out feel. Upstairs there is another small bar and an outdoor roof terrace.
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re:- fights   13th April 08
I work in rush and can assure you the there is no trouble in here except the odd scrap but you get that in every bar, there is no way of helping that! to stop all fighting we wouldnt let any one in. as for you saying charvs... well our policy if you dont look the part then your not coming in. simple! sorry if you came in here and there was trouble but it is impossible to stop this any where you go! we have a good set of door men here and rate of trouble compared to other bars is at a minimal! take care everyone!

Fights   12th April 08
every time i go in there there seems to be something going on, its usually got a few daft charvs in that shouldn't have gotten in, in the first place. and they're the ones causing the bother. very tight security....or maybe not?

amanda rush   3rd April 08
to nina, yes it was beverly robinson she is going out with the owner, colin! she is a crackin lass will talk to anyone! you should of said hi, lol. im sure she will be grateful for your comment. take care

nina   1st April 08
could anyone tell me if that was beverley robinson the british biathlete in the bar on good friday? if it was i would just like to say she looks more beautifull in real life than she does on telly

amanda rush   1st April 08
ya talkin like im gonna become a hermit?! ill still be in the town. see ya's all soon

dave legs   30th March 08
sorry i missed amanda s last night i wish her all the best in her new employment and hope she goes on to big and better things who knows she might run her own bar good luck babes c you soon byee byee staff see you all shortly guys

amanda   27th March 08
still gonna miss the place ya always get one arsehole in every bar but 99% of the customers are spot on, look forward to havin a drink wit ya's x

sarah   26th March 08
i come in rush all the time and the bar staff are mint, really tops off my nite, see you all sat.

DJ Chris   25th March 08
Hey, Thanks to yous all for making the weekend such a good one! we have been updating the lighting in rush lately although one of our new lazers has packed in but wil be rectified this week! as amanda has told yous that she is leaving! She is gonna be sadly missed by me and all the staff, she has been an excellent part of the bar team at rush! sad to hear you will not be coming back in though! See you there im there on a monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and a Saturday! on a Wed you have Karaoke With Chris! See yous all there!

amanda 3   24th March 08
hey everyone, its my last week at work! hope to see ya all in the bar on sat night! ill miss everyone, everything, just remember I am the best barmaid! ha ha and no1 can say otherwise!

lucy   24th March 08
was in last night really like the new light looks good music was really good

amanda   21st March 08
wellits been a quiet good friday, but lucky for us we have been one of the busiest bars in town! get yaselfs down sat and sun for fantastic music and lights and an amazing atmosphere! have a good crack on, drink and a dance! enjoy . . . x

amanda   18th March 08
re underage: we do 101% to keep underage customers out of the bar, barstaff and doorman are very strict with the age's but lucky for alot of our customers they just look young everyone i ask for id have it and are 18 upto 27! the small percent that have no id and look very young are asked to leave the premises! We are not running a nappy night, try to make our customers comfortable by not havin youngin's in and by far sticking to the law!

underage   17th March 08
go in on a saturday night all ways underage babys around the rich man its like been at school again

joe   16th March 08
Me and me mates moved to manchester a a years and a half ago when this place was berlins. I came back up for a weekend with me mates! we tent to tonic at first and when i came out of there we saw berlins had changed to RUSH! we didnt go in at first then. a bit later on went in and the sound and lighting was mental! compared to berlins! that lazer light is mint! a asked the dj for a couple of songs they were put on in good time! and he played a good vertiaty of music. the bar staff is brill! except the one upstairs his dance moves are shocking! get a life mate! apart from that whoever owns it you have done a really really good job with this place! recomendations to people who visit sunderland! without a doubt! see you in the summer people!

Ed   3rd March 08
Really Really nice bar.. Very Trendy! Bar staff are very outgoing and are good crack! The DJ plays the newest music and if you request a song he plays it! I went in on a Wednesday for Karaoke night! And was a relaxing atmosphere! loving the screens! great thing there doing taking photos of people and putting them on the screens! Overall a mint bar! My favorate bar in town! No doubt ill be there tonight!

boss   25th February 08
one of the best bars to go in came a long way new music good bar staff cant wait to come back up from london all the best boss

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