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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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Ian   19th March 10
I have nt been in this bar yet - could you tell m what music you play in here? house, indie, pop etc

Stephen   15th February 10
Grant has lost a good dj if you ask me the music he played & the money he put into this show for saturdays was unreal shame he is no longer wanted & i will miss also being a part of this. Saturday nights is 1 of your biggest nights of the week if you ask me & others Paul was defo the right dj for saturday nights in this venve, the music he played was music everyone wanted to hear. Your Grouds from sunderland who loved coming in this bar on saturdays will b shocked when i remember paul going on holiday for two weeks everyone was gutted because they thought he wernt returning to this venve. Am shocked thought you may have thought about this more than you realli have.

lorna bb   30th January 10
the best pub in sunderland x

Diddi   18th January 10
Walked in ere on saturday, what has happened? why is the music changed? so many people said the same its pure rock dont get it.

Stephen   13th December 09
yeah i love it i am the djs mate who helps out sometimes. the smoke is getting sorted out and will be better next time it is used. thanks

micky   1st December 09
Saturday nights are awsome i love the music in here i tend to come into this bar at 11.00 because the music is just dead load and the tunes are non stop boucing the lighting is unreal love the lasers.

dj lee   19th November 09
shame craig left savannahs but he will take the crowed when he reopens JAYDEEES! whatch this space

Adam   12th November 09
was at savannah last sat, had a class night, the drinks were cheap(2 bottles and a shot 3) and the music was loud and bouncin, didnt what to move on with the crowd, one down point was the smoke machine the Dj was using was drowin us, cudnt breath if you were at the front! Thanx for a realy mint night!

Grant   9th October 09
Hey Thanks for all the kind words, now we have a lot of the issues regarding the place, rebranding etc sorted. Glad theres loads of people enjoyed it and to those that don't please feel free to come in and suck my balls, they're getting a little dry! New cocktail menu coming with the re brand and finally some seperation between up and downstairs plus the launch of our new loyalty scheme. Keep an eye on ya facebook events and if ya aint on the group please search for The Hive group.

Emma marie   3rd October 09
thinks savannahs bouncers last night where lovely! :)

DJ Saturday nights   27th September 09
Hi People thanks for your comments thats what I aim at to make each and everyone have a great night and another 1 not to forget any quieres or ideas I'll do my best to do so and get back to you. www.facebook.com/DJhallylovesweekends

Holly   23rd September 09
Haha the dj is good looking like defo the one frm newcastle! bt im sure his going wit sum 1 tho not sure! nd haway thn tell us what ya mean? haha x

Marc   23rd September 09
Are they still doing the Reggae night and Drum and Bass night... Saw them before I went back home for the summer but haven't been passed there yet.

amy   17th September 09
the dj in here is class i meen we rnt interested in any sort of music but we end up in passion everyweek lol but never the less this dj is class thnaks he makes our satday nites a SATDAY nite if ya na wat a mean and not just cos hes alreet lookin hahah x

DJ Saturday nights   15th September 09
Things are inproving just had abit of a mod on the sound system we also have the music not just coming throw the ev's 700watts rms we now have the home system speakers also working now big thank's to Kane :P:P New mod coming soon on the lighting rig abit of a surprise coming your way ? Very costly

Tom   10th September 09
Reggae music was obviously one heck of a risk. I fear that the novelty will wear off. If reggae relates to summer music... what do you plan to play in the winter?

re dave dj   26th August 09
5 other djs after dave, dave had it busy, hes never failed in a bar, nick killed it, went down hill from there, he thought more about getting the girls upstairs than his job .... former manager

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