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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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shaun   10th August 09
Ilike the new look not really had a decent sized rock bar in sunderland borough was good but small as for adey why another bar by numbers chase gatsbys and ttonic dothat really well, the town needs somthing differant somthing it lost when Q shut. upstairs class balck yellow and cammo net and sailor jerry rum

Ditchy   7th July 09
I think Grant has done a brill. job with it. Regaee music in Sunderland city centre amazing stuff !

Adey   14th June 09
What on earth is happening to this place? It is in a prime location in town... Has a decent capacity and size...But the place looks absolutley terrible... I walked past today and the scribbles and paint pen looked ridiculous. One was even advertising a drink called "pasty smasher". That aside..if the place closed for refurbishment, got a decent look, and management with a clue it could really take off. Years ago when it was Huxters, the venue was really good and always busy, with DJ's playing cool music and a good atmosphere.

To DJ at Savannah   12th June 09
It is your decision to how you program your music using various styles of music and ages. You build your crowd by playing everything. Anyone who wants just 1 type of music is being selfish. Cater for everyone but make it exciting! DJ from sunderland (NOTE: stay away from Rave)

DJ Hally From Savannah   7th June 09
Vegaboy's thing ? it keep's getting asked for by many of different young talented lady's. My point of view of it is ( It is crap worst tune ever made just trying to keep everyone happy it's mado got people asking for indie rock pop dance scouse house R&B Hed Kandi Electro Dance are House Chease 70's 80's 90's it's hard trying to keep everything sweet ??? Even Technohead I want to be a hippy get's asked for every dam week lmao what can i say no load's ask for it. If you want my point of view Dave is right listen to the radio etc and play new up to date stuff. Look it's a trendy bar you dont play Cheese music i would suggest getting out more lol. Silly requests are coming to an end ?

Re: Dave   27th May 09
to the dj, dave used to play cheese/commercial back in the day but the interest fizzled out and thats why nobody went back in and went up for sale. Play hed kandi music so it will also atract the quality woman in the bar. You get the girls in, the boys will follow! (from a sunderland DJ)

Neil   25th May 09
Please tell me the comment about playing 'Vengaboys' is untrue! Onmygod - I thought this was going to be an 'alternative' bar playing indie/rock music??? Aww no....

dave dj   20th May 09
i used to be the dj there few year ago now working in shields. stick with your comercial stuff what you here on the radio etc it used to work then we had it busy fri sat nights, good luck dave dj

Re dj from savannah   11th May 09
Do yourself a favour and do not play cheese like the old savannah or this could be another failure. Do your research around the town - listen to the music and look at peoples reaction. Dont ask people on this site - everyone has different tastes - you'll get nowhere. Go out there and see first hand. from Sunderland DJ

bob   7th May 09
was hoping this might change but seems the same. vengaboys?!

DJ frm Savannah   3rd May 09
Fancy Sharing some idea's ?? Kinda of music used to be played here ?? be much appreciated on the info. Cheer's regards Paul.

stacey   21st April 09
best dj in here was the one a few years ago i seen him in a bar in south shields working he s really good get him back

Traffic Light Night   16th April 09
Check This Out Guys, This Coming Monday With FREE ENTRY

The Blandford   14th April 09
How the old Blandford upstairs is missed! Folk moved onto the Borough but it was never the same. There's an opportunity here - lets hope we get the old days back. All the chavs can stay in their Glass Spiders and Arizonas - just leave this one to us. Best of luck Grant - we're ALL behind you and certainly give you our custom and there's many of us as you know!

Cameron Bell   30th March 09
Great Job Grant you really have made savannah a place id drink at but please bring the sailor Jerry with.

Paul   19th March 09
You create the moment? Jesus christ. You can only create a moment if you have some customers!

From a DJ (sunderland)   19th March 09
I would just like to say 'good luck' to the new opening of savannah. This bar has took some serious stick on this site before calling it a day. I have every confidence in the management to create a good a reputation for your new bar. I wish the DJ every success. A message to the DJ: Remember.... You create the moment! To management: I am happy to share any promotional ideas but would like to stay anonymous as I am a working DJ.

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