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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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Charlotte and Miles   10th March 09
Good luck Grant :) Looking forward to seeing it when it's all up and running properly!

steve   4th March 09
Bob and Re Bob
More ramblings from the un-educated. Did you just walk past and decide that you know everything about the place. For instance, the chalk on the bill boards is of coures temporary as the place is being re named in the near future, would you buy new Savannah signs to tear them down? The insides will be re-vamped including structual work to block the centre hole and build a stage upstairs for gigs Etc. All you have to do is go inside and ask Kay or Grant and they'll fill you right in. Of course the place looks like the Boro' at the minute-Grant managed that pub for 3 years-where do you think he got the chalk from! All these things of course take time and a lot of effort. more effort if you want to spend less money. In the mean time, get yourself in, make a few friends and have a chat with people, then make informed critisisms if you so desire.

DJ Hally   4th March 09
Hi Being Playing there Just before Christmas & now after. Really Enjoying this its something new for me. I feel this bar you never know where your at with the croad it's mixed up. You have all age's coming in at all different times of the night have your say what kind of music you would like to hear more of in this club or even what music you have heard and dont like. I really want to make this event a great night for everybody including Grant. Grant has told me to play off the croad & to play request's so ( Get Them in ) Also watch out for the new laser what will be coming in very excited.

DJ Hally   4th March 09
It's The DJ from Savannah Now's your chance to have a say in the matter. Give me an idea in the music you would like played more or you would like to hear in this bar ? Contact me paul-wrc@hotmail.co.uk
Every saturday night from 8pm Till Late

vern   3rd March 09
its the old manager/landlord or whatever so that would be why.

dr no   3rd March 09
why play the same music another bar is playing, do something different stand out from the crowd and im sure you can make the best with what you have.

rick ex pure   3rd March 09
wishing grant al the best he made across the road he will make here, if no one on this site can say out decent shut up, if all trade/ customers etc got togther we would have mint nite life in town, yet bar vs bar on here !

RE Bob   3rd March 09
My Opinion of this bar is they are NOW trying to be just like the Borough over the road! It was revamped a few month ago but looks shabby already. They could'nt afford bill boards so they painted the pub in blackboard paint so they could advertise by chalk! Great advertising! You want to make something of this bar? look at the other bars around you and do it properly! this Bar is in such a good place of the town and has so much potential! So follow other bars and make it work! paint it properly and Advertise! remember you have to spend money to make it back!

Bob Entwhistle   2nd March 09
Nice scribblings in chalk on the outside walls. Just what Sunderland needs in the entrance to its main shopping centre to help it raise its poor image. It's getting more like Blyth every day. The council should step in and demand that the oafs at Savannh tidy up what was once an acceptable and even pleasant city centre property.

re lucy   25th February 09
you say you played music like rush and rush plays chav music gos down hill that's why Savannah is always dead and rush is really busy must be the chavs

re rush   24th February 09
rush plays chav music & everywhere that ends up full ov chavs goes down hill. agree with dave

re lucy   24th February 09
savannahs used to play music like rush and died.

vern   23rd February 09
probs not enough interest, especially with the borough across the road (like an unoffical rock place).

ozzy   22nd February 09
what about a rock music bar, playing everything from classics to modern stuff

lucy   22nd February 09
i agree after all its a bar so you dont need to play that music me and my friends said play like rush does and you will be packed

Dave   22nd February 09
House music! Some quality house music thats wat I would come in for. Not the hard house stuff Im on about some really classy stuff like the stuff you get in ncastle bars

Mree   21st February 09
Savannah is under new management from next month - what do people want to see happen here? See FB Group 'The Hive' for further discussion.

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