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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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hot tip   26th January 09
I would strongly recommend a good sound system and the DJ/s playing Hed Kandi music. This will give the bar a cool look and a fresh new beginning! Best of luck Jay

Sandra   23rd January 09
Great on fridays now.. karaoke night... great DJs ;) Not many people around yet though :(

Stew coldfield   4th January 09
Rubbish bar - no atmosphere

Keith Oliver   25th December 08
I have been into savannah and chatted to a lad on the bar Called Kevin! they do to double branded spirits (smirnoff, bells, gordons and Bacardi) with draught mixer for 5quid! and pints for a quid twenty and a quid fifty. Its a bargain if you ask me. bit quiet though till the word gets out. its that cheep on a saturday too 7-10!

local   21st December 08
So has Savannah reopened then? Went past on Friday about 5:30 and it didnt look like there had been any refurb at all. Has Craig sold it on then? What happened there then? It will need some seriously good management to turn it around.

anne widdrington   17th December 08
the savannah is re-opening on friday night at 7 it has been refurbished and is hopefully a better pub after this. All are welcome.

YummyMummy   17th November 08
Yep its true, Savannah is shut time. I must say its about time aswel. Shame tho coz this place could made a packet if it was bein run in the right way and by the right person.

more ex staff   5th November 08
woop! is it true? has Savannah gone under FINALLY? Love comment below, i too am ''ex-staff'' and i know what he/she means about ''the demon!''

Ex Staff   4th November 08
At last! The demon has gone bust. this place is now shut. the best news ive had all year!

Shaun   30th October 08
Whats happened here? went past today and somebody seems to have gutted the place ? if there is going to be a refurb can they sort out the gents toilet same as when they were the beehive. shame its in an nice location just never seemed to take off havent seen it busy for years and is falling apart outside despite the lick of paint.

Vixen   25th August 08
I don't like the toilets. Apparently they've been recently done up :s they stink and are really horridly decorated. And the bar itself isn't exactly good looking or inviting. Plus, the prices are expensive for what you can get. Try doing a happy hour or lower prices on cocktails!

ex staff   25th August 08
the music is poor now, no wonder, what happened to leigh she was a proper scream! we used to hae a rite laugh on karaoke nites. what happened to them? i heard the music comin from there last nite didn't even wanna bother comin in

Tager H   20th August 08
Class comments. Biggest waste of a goldmine ever this place. Maybe not so much now less people are coming through the bridges bit cos that part of town is almost shut. Crap bar, crap decor, hasnt been good since about 2002/3. Same old Sunderland crap, i think there was something in the Echo about it trying to do something different. "We are playing soul tunes or some nonsense like that" YEAH COS THATS NEW ISNT IT....... get a grip

the fresh crew   20th August 08
Strange place this. Different type of music every time we go in.

Daft Craig   16th August 08
The decor is like a bad imitation of me nana's sitting room around about 1982 and the place is filthy. Four different wallpapers and not one of them is anywhere near being tasteful.

Steven   16th August 08
Im dunno Chris. A good manager needs the support of a good owner, and be allowed to make decisions and be backed up when needed. This will never happen under the current owner, beleive me, ive been there! Also, as for going under by January, Im not so sure. I have no idea how he has lasted so long, financially.

Chris   13th August 08
Totally agree Kez, Andy what bars have you been too if you think this is nice?? Probably the worst refurb i have ever seen. And if he has good ideas but not for Sunderland why is he trading in Sunderland, and if they are that good then surley he could adapt them to work. Unless they get a new Manager in who knows what to do this place will go under in January.

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