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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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Kez   9th August 08
Andy - are you blind? have you seen the bar? you must have drank in some right hell holes to think this is a 'nice bar!' Ever been to Newcastle?

andy   7th August 08
Well the owner does have some good ideas, just not for sunderland, we do not have that type of customers. He needs to change the dj and do some PR work and the cash will come in. Nice bar though.

Steven   7th August 08
i agree, i used to work here under a different manager, but the same owner, a couple of years ago now. the manager was lovely and worked really hard, great with staff, but was totally hampered with lack of support from above. if you dont have people skills.... dont run a bar!

Chris   6th August 08
The owner has absolutley no idea and is completley un-approachable. That bar could be doing good money if there was a good Manager in there, i understand he is probs doing his best, but boy oh boy is his best just not good enough!

f.a.o wayne   25th July 08
erm fresh what they are doing is clearly pure 3 year ago, its still dead and they had an awful write up in the paper too. fact

Wayne   25th July 08
At last this place seems to be doing something right. Music on a saturday night is spot on. Well done Savannah for daring to do something fresh.

ex staff   10th July 08
i worked with him rather than against him, Karen, and it was the hardest thing ever! i found him the hardest boss i have ever dealt with, and every other person who worked there agreed.

karen   8th July 08
the owner craig if he is still there just wants the best for him and his bussiness, i was trained by him and worked with him for a long time and if you work with him rather than against him you will enjoy the place /work! i have not been in since the refurb but i will be next month. Are you looking for bar staff / supervisor because i'm come back up north and need a job craig? x

Dom   27th June 08
great tunes last saturday with the DJ in the hat. Loads of old sole music. I will defo be back. Mint!

Wicky Wacky   23rd June 08
sacrilige! paintings of marvin gaye on the outside of the bar. utter cheesey music inside. christ almighty. have a word with ya'selves man. or an even better idea. sell up and let someone make it into the bar it could be. has great potential but its going nowhere

old regular   22nd June 08
Ill have to check out this makeover. Not been in here in ages. Used to have mint crack with the barstaff, they went downhill a year or so ago like! What happened to that, she was called Nicola or nicky i think? Blonde hair, worked fulltime i think? she was class, but then just disappeared.

qwerty   16th June 08
this place has just had a makeover, ok it was shabby b4, neglect i would say but i've been in and must say there is abit of a warm feeling about the place. the place is a potential goldmine, change the name to "the beehive" then we will see. the location i think excellent and with pzazz reopening as the new "ku", this could get even better. Everybody should get in here and give it a go, with the right management in place who give 110% back to customers then this place will be ready to take off. by the way the "council" want shooting for wrecking the nightlife of sunderland, the want us to b like newcastle but wer are are nowhere near them at all what they have got is variety in abundance, different areas like the bigg mkt, the quayside, chinatown, the west end to name a few. get high street back up and running you clowns.

chloe   13th June 08
havent seen the ''makeover'' yet, whats it like? not got high hopes like, have the rank toilets been done up? and the seagull poo on the walls. and the ripped stair carpet??

trevor   12th June 08
all i can say to the refurb is omg, it looks nice but could have picked a different pattern for the paper and as for the leak the other thursday that was mingin. the full pub should have been shut down til the refurb was done. instead of doing it in dribs and drabs. defo needs a new name and a pool table! what ever happened to karaoke nights? they were a right laugh, would have been better if there was more songs but leigh worked it well

ex staff/customer   30th May 08
oh damn, for a momant i thought the lace had been saved! and as for ''reguar customers'' comment, yeah it is hard running a bar, but not as hard as working for someone who has no people skills

Regular customer   29th May 08
no its still the same owner. went in earlier tonight and asked one of the staff what was going on an they told me craig still owns it. the owner does seem miserable but i guess its not easy rinning a business these days. hope things get sorted out.

ex staff   27th May 08
well...has this place been took over, i spy a refurb finally happening. Cant wait to see it re-done.

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