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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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ex staff   26th April 08
hear hear! your wasting your time though. i used to work for the guy- by the way, its ''the owner'' not ''the manager'' as he kept telling us, haha!- and he is as much use as a chocolate tea pot. too busy to care about his business

To the Manager   25th April 08
Mr Manager: Are you going to do something about this bar? You have read the issues below. I dont understand ... you are in a prime location. You could easily fill that place. Why have you not done anything to the bar. The DJ booth (if thats what you call it) is embarrasing. The sound is horrible, which plays a 'major' part of the business. The stairs are disgusting. Please do something or bow out and let someone do something good to this place putting another great bar on the map!

rebel   28th March 08
think owner needs to sort it out £1 pints is that nt bad for binge drinking, however maybe not as no one goes in there in anyway .arizona tops

caroline a   25th March 08
dear oh dear! went into savannah after staying away for over a year. didnt take long to remember why! it was bank holiday monday nite, empty apart from an old man in a tracksuit at the bar. it was about 7:30pm, but there was no music on. when the barmaid was asked to please turn it up, she shrugged and said she couldnt cos the volume control was in the dj booth, and she couldnt lift up the shutter! it was deathly silent, no atmosphere and no customers. this is bank holiday weekend! plus, a smile wouldnt have gone amiss! shocking! manager, take note!

mr pubcrawl   22nd March 08
well what can i say about savanah? get a refurb change the name back to bee hive or can you not be bothered like most bar owners in sunderland? either refurb or sell the white elephant or buy idols thats already falling to bits so you don t have to spend cash on it

ex staff   21st March 08
hear hear, 'me.' i worked there for a long time, left over a year an a half ago. The manager is impossible to work for, so it makes it hard to care about your job. there was always a bad atmosphere and a massive staff turnover. he was always going on about a refurb, which didnt happen in all the time i was there, and hasnt since, or so it looks ( i dont go in there anymore, plenty of better, cleaner places).

wkd   20th March 08
student nites� £1 a pint thursdays and mondays what a deal, good place for a few drinks to warm up, but it stunk on monday

me   19th March 08
there was a time when the staff were mint, but got accused of nickin out the tills so half of them left, the bouncers are mint like, decent priced place and all. shame of it is, it could be mint in here, specially the kareoke nights, were well funny, but the bad management of the place makes it crap now.

danni   18th March 08
i used to work here and it was soul destroying. The place is the way it is due to management issues. The staff were always leaving and the place is filthy!

too true   11th March 08
pretty bad when the best thing about a pub is that ''doormen are easy to talk to''

ff   1st March 08
nice pub.not very bizzy tho.doormen very nice.easy to talk to.

van   29th February 08
in my opinion, the worst bar in the town

supakev   18th February 08
where is this ''refurb?' i remember deein signs up last year saying refurb early 2007?? er.......

gazz   18th February 08
yeah, its being going further downhill for years. the management need to take a long hard look at the place.

unknown   18th February 08
I actually used to work here, I;ve been in a few bars since and I am suprised in all honestly that it is still open. I wish it would get a refurb coz there is some great potential as it is in one of the best locations! As for the doormen you can't fault them, there the best doormen i've ever come across. x

davo   18th February 08
place has great potential i think it with any bar the leadership from the top has be questioned, why is Arizona across the road rammed this bar isnt my mate was dj there and got screamed at when he was there that could answer that like, come on guys sort it you can make money.

vanessa   17th February 08
i really do not like this bar. its so tatty and the service and atmosphere are really bad. not sure how its lasted so long!

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