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1 Holmeside, SR1 3JG. Tel: 0191 565 8454

Photo of SavannahA prominent town-centre corner location. Large windows give a bright and airy feel whilst allowing you to watch the world go by. Upstairs is open weekends and available for hire at other times.
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oasis   10th February 08
luv thursdays great music place 2b b4 ku or independant except a few people causin botha,cum on grow up! the bar lad has a hard enuf job anyway without sorting trouble makers out!

party animal   5th February 08
must admit bar desperate for revamp.and definately needs music updating its shocking. apart from that the doorman are class and sexy as fuck with plenty of experience on the door.the staff do good job. best to be in for bout 11 music better then.

mr savan   27th January 08
come on management get the place on the revamp list dont hire it out for raves let other pubs have hedaches from screaming youths and yobettes and the drugs nightmares and things keep it has is but revamp first come on do yer best ok happy days

Ravers   22nd January 08
Can the room be hired for raves and what is cap, thanks.

ex door   1st January 08
everybody has a gripe now and then but dont tar the brush if you know what i mean the doormen are alowed to drink as long they dont get to drunk long as they can handle the situation ok must think about the badge cost to much to loose ok never worked in there before been in for drink but cant put the place down good when it was bee hive ha ha see i must be old anyway start a gay night that might get off ok never mind. i would like to meet the lady dj one night we can pass on vibes 2gethr in town tues,wed,fri around the town happy days byeeeee

moulin rouge (ginger)   24th December 07
who's the doorman with the fat head. im sure he used to work on the lambton worm too, he has such an attitude problem, oh and he drinks alcohol whilst working, when hes not on the bandit that it. other than that cool place all in all, female dj is canny and the drinks reasonably cheap.

Henry!   5th November 07
This place is crap. It's absolutely disgusting, but the staff are canny though. It's a disgrace, god knows what you catch from those toilets they are festered! There is never any bog roll and I feel sorry for staff when they give people napkins it's a liberty. This place ought to be shut down for good. Congrats to everywhere else in Sunderland though, no where near as bad as this place!

darren   3rd October 07
one person who will be missed is lea howe

Gemma   27th August 07
The staff here want shooting, its always empty, mainly because of how crap the place is, couldn't even call it a nighclub, i was waiting for a tumbleweed to pass as i was sat there and some of the staff are just plain scary!

Staff   22nd August 07
Our bouncers are mint! They make an effort to have a crack on with customers & listen to what people have to say, take a look at the bouncers on The Spider, they are most miserable bunch of idiots you could ever meet, they don't make an effort & blatantly want shooting.

chill   23rd July 07
liz and katy have a word with yourselves, crap pints? the beer is spot on in here but you sound like classy girls drinking pints! the fight you are on about was accross the road and nothing to do with staff here.

LiZ   17th July 07
Worst bouncers in the world! the bar staff are crap and pay no attention to whos next! i once seen two bouncers watch as a young couple got attacked by ppl, they need sortin out!

Katie   15th July 07
wow! girlies what you waiting for... fit new bar man thats well worth suffering the crap pints for..... yum yum :)

Gemma   1st July 07
Its really smelly and the drink is crap, the place needs doing out for them to get any more people in!

Jimmy   2nd May 07
Whats happened to thursday nights? last month or so has really died off. Come on people lets get it back to what it used to be!

chill   5th April 07
what a bank hol sunday we have this week. resident dj Marcus will be here with 3 guest dj's along with great drink promos it's all happening here this weekend start the party Friday with Shaun, marcus Saturday and all day party on Sunday!

Chill   3rd April 07
We have submitted plans with the council and are making a few adjustments to comply with fire regs, once this is done I will be in a position to let you know dates. Thankyou for your interest and watch this space

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