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Photo of SinatrasLocated in-between Independent and Yates, this bar is popular during the day and with the older generation, cheap drinks day or night.
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George   30th March 15
What was Sinatras called before

Jean   27th February 14
Did they pick you up like Lesley lmao

Lesley Wardle   28th November 13
Thursday is pick up night for old slags, a place to avoid.

marty safc   27th October 13
Where's Les? Best Elvis I have ever heard, and I have heard many

makemkev   30th September 13
Is there any entertainment on, on a Monday night anywhere in Sunderland

richie rich   28th August 13
to talk about or even speak of sinatras being demolished then so be it.then you would have demolish every person who have dedicated there time and effort to bring sinatras to central attraction to everyone the young and the elderly in our city of sunderland why spoil a good a good place to be we all love you sinatras richie rich never let it happen

richie rich   21st August 13
first time in sinatras, what a crazy place I love you people your lovingly nuts cannot wait to get back in your buitifull people keep karaokeing im coming back for more im a golden oldie doing elvis and more if you will have me a big thank you x richie rich

richie   24th June 13
it was the first time i have been in sinatras and i have enjoyed myself on a karaoke night it was fantastic the bar staff are absolute crazy keep it up girls you are wonderfull you make sinatras what there are keep up the good work bring it djs do your best as you have alway done watch out im coming in again im the who sings all the elvis trilogys cannot wait to come back love you all you crazy people

Michael   26th February 13
Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest goings on at Sinatras Sunderland's only dedicated karaoke bar :D

Sinatras Management   20th November 12
No don't worry Sinatras is safe! We wont be being relocated we are staying where we are and have not been included in the demolition plans. The demolition will be stopping at Independent. So its business as usual for us :)

Sinartras regular   6th November 12
Will Sinartras be demolished & relocated now that the Independent has confirmed they are to be pulled down along with Kwiksave car park (Sunderland Echo 06th Nov 2012)

Sam   7th August 12
I was in the Bar two weeks ago, and the owner is gorgeous. I didnt have the nerve to ask him for his number though.

Stag Night   6th August 12
We were in here a few weeks ago on the saturday night and there was a big group of us, only came in for a quick pint but ended up stayin in all night for the karaoke, was a right laugh and crazy cheap!

Laura   11th June 12
There was a large group of us in the bar but only two of us got kicked out. Well I'm afraid they did because we certainly weren't causing a scene

ha ha   9th June 12
Laura you said you were in a large group in then you saying there just two of you u wanna make you mind up. They wouldn't just kick you out for nothing

Laura   29th May 12
We were in this bar on Saturday 26th May. We had finished our drinks and were waiting for friends to finish theirs when we were asked to leave by a female member of staff and a bouncer. We were not given an explanation why but is it a rule that if you do not purchase another drink you are asked to leave? We have been visiting in large groups for years and have never heard of anything like this happening. We found it very inappropriate, it spoilt our night and we will not be visiting this bar again. We were two young girls trying to enjoy ourselves, is that such a crime?

Management   18th March 12
That's for all your comments about the bar, we strive to provide everyone with a great night out here at Sinatras and your views and opinions are valued by us. What do you like to see in pubs on your nights out? What attracts you somewhere? Let us know your feedback is always appreciated and it's the only way we can improve your nights out here in Sinatras :)