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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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Roy   5th January 15
splendid venue for me and my fellow concubines to engage in some bantz

Dan   17th November 14
Ttonic is a brilliant nightclub to attend in sunderland!

Billy   5th November 14
Been going to ttonic since it opened in 2003 and when in there on Sunday I don't think I will be going back. The two guys in the DJ box were only interested in playing the music they wanted to hear which is what you get with some people who DJ. They think cos they like the music everyone else must do as well. I saw about five people walk up the DJ requesting songs and not one came on. I was in there for about an hour all they played was rap music of some type. I don't mind this music and like certain songs but one after another was too much. Was gonna stay but I wasn't out to listen to the same stuff all night and went to Establishment and it was a different story. DJ played all types of music and due to this the place was busy and the atmosphere was great. People dancing and the DJ played requests. Establishment has been dying off lately but Sunday was the busiest I've seen it so well done to the DJ and management. Looks like ttonic's Mr Choc (Owner) doesn't have his finger on the pulse anymore!?

Jordan   22nd August 14
I went in for a good night out with my mum and her friend and we bumped into my uncle we then went off to another bar and when we came out the bouncers refused to allow me and my cousin in the bar although we are both 18, my cousin showed him proof of ID and unfortunately because i had been rushed out the house last minute i forgot to bring mine aswell as my money so my mum payed for my night, i was so annoyed even after my cousin showed them proof of ID they still refused to let him in.

hollie leigh   3rd February 14
Hey can you get in Ttonic by using student card

Barry falconer   20th October 12
I normally enjoy ending the night in here but Unfortuantly tonight when in the bar I was approached by two men who attempted to steel my wallet on reporting this the door staff they had no interest in my issue. I do the same line of work in security industry and feel they should have taken this serious. If it had being a woman who's bag had gone I think the situation would have being dealt with differently

michelle   7th September 12
Why no DJ on a Friday/Saturday night anymore? This place used to be HEAVING with fab music....

Louise monkey-monks   12th January 12
Is ttonic re-opening anytime soon 'cause I'm really really missing it, lololxox

clairey   28th October 11
busiest bar in town! always!

tracy butler   21st July 11
do yous do kids birthday party shes 13 on the 15th october

antzz   19th May 11
best gay bar in town met my buddy here we love you tttttoooonnniiiccc x

James   26th February 11
I was in ttonic last night and we had pictures taken but i cant seem to find the website. i have tried hot-shotz and caughtout but still cant find it :S any ideas ?

Jennifer   19th January 11
The toilets are VILE in here! I love ttonic as a bar, i always go on a night out but lately i haven't been staying there long, there is NEVER toilet roll in the toilets and they always smell. Ttonic is really starting to let itself go which is a shame!

Rachael   16th January 11
i go to ttonic every week. its amazing and quite cheap. i would recomend ttonic anytime. the place is well seated and the staff are nice. i wouldnt stop going in there x

Re: Lauren   18th November 10

lauren   8th November 10
hi me and a couple of mates had our picture took last weekend and the lass told us we could get them off the net can you tell me the site that they are on please :D thanks x

claire   3rd November 10
hi do you have any glass collecting jobs, my sons at college and is in need of a part-time job

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