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12-13 Vine Place. Tel: 0191 565 1907

Photo of TtonicA former hardware shop, opened as Ttonic in June 2003 and named by someone with a stutter (true!). Dark wood, neon panels and grand leather seating give a distinct retro feel. A music-policy of house, soul, jazz and hip-hop has helped establish Ttonic as a place for trendy clubbers.
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angela   15th September 10
hi , my daughter would like to host a 13th birthday party , would it be possible ?

deb   5th September 10
hi i was in ttonic and went to use the disabled toilet and was told i could not without my disabled badge i told the gentleman my disability and why i cudnt use the stairs to which he sed i havnt got a key but the staff were using it, i felt humiliated

bill   20th August 10
i agree tonic is still a great bar and still very busy when were in

donna (area manager)   17th August 10
each to there own is what i say! but we must be doing something right as were still one ov if not the busiest bars in town 7 nights a week.

rick   13th August 10
yeah tonic is a bit run down now needs a referb but the owners said it was getting one years ago and nothing happened they also own the glass spider and that too in my opinion needs a refurb and i wouldnt say the music was best in town its ok but nothing special

Martin   13th August 10
Was in Monday 13/8 and was over the moon to find toilet paper in the cubicles, many thanks for taking my comments on board:) P.S. The guy in toilet still has an 'edge' about him

donna (area Manager)   12th August 10
Re;- Andrea Mac;- im sorry to read that you feel our pub is in need of a deep clean! we are having a re-vamp soon but as for being clean i think its very clean, ive never heard anyone else tell me otherwise until now but il take youre comments on board thank you and as for all of our djs there all amazing in what the do the best in town id say but you cant please everyone.
Re;- Dave & Alison - Im pleased to here you had a good night in ttonic i must admit most people do, hope to see you again soon.

donna (area manager)   12th August 10
RE;- Jed, hi jed call the pub 5655755 and leave youre number and we will contact you.

Dave and Alison.   18th July 10
we went for a night out and came acros this place good music drinks ok even got photoe and a key ring realy good night we will be going back soon cheers to all

Jed   12th July 10
Hi. I was wondering if i could be able to have a word with someone about a DJ set? It'll not be on a night but a saturday afternoon. I'll explain when i talk to you. Your website is not working hence this approach. Thanks, Jed

Andrea Mac   18th June 10
I've been in here for the first time in years and I must say it is in need of a deep clean. very dirty smell and drink splashes up the walls. music wasn't like it used to be either or maybe I'm just getting old hahaha.

lizzy   21st May 10
hya was in ttonic a few nights ok and got my picture took im just wondering how you view the pictures on the website

Donna Woods (area manger)   20th May 10
hi kelly please give tonic a call and leave your number for me and i will ring to speak about it.

kelly   16th May 10
hiya we are having a hen night in sunderland thing i want to hire a stripper do you allow this as ive been asked to get the management permission b4 i hire him to strip,the hen night is on the 5th june 2010,the stripper will not be doing the full monty just dwn the g string.if you cld let me no thanx kelly

Lorraine Griffiths (director)   8th May 10
We appolagise for this, toilet checks should be done every hour & should be available in each cubilcle, will see to this asap. Many Thanks

Martin   20th April 10
Was in last night 19/04 and i feel the need to complain strongly about having to ASK that guy in the toilet for toilet paper! toilet paper should be in the TOILET on a holder not in possesion of someone who seems to expect a TIP for giving it to you! and on asking him for the paper i recieved a very sarcastic comment from him and had i been someone with a short temper could have done something worse than tellin him to be quiet! absoultly disgracefull ttonic! i hope next time ime in the same doesnt happen as it may go beyond words! (great bar staff, great music)

em   25th March 10
what time do you stop selling food?

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